I am a big fan of Ziploc Bags. I use it for lots of purposes. It is one of my favourite Organizing Product because of its quality and its multi usages. Ziploc offers a range of storage bags which can can be used for food & non food storage. There are numerous ways in which zipouch can be used to organize your day to day needs from Food Services to all multipurpose requirements.

Why Only Zipouch?
Zipouch Bags are FDA approved and made up of BPA free food grade material which is totally safe for storing & refrigerating Vegetables, Fruits, Meat, Bread & for re-heating etc. The Press-n-Loc bags have additional benefit of storing liquids with no spills. These are reusable and reversible pouches. Printing ink in Zipouches are in two lamination layers so no ink comes in contact with your food whether inside or outside the zipouch. Best Usages of Zipouch are:

1.Vegetable & Food Storage

I store my weekly stock of veggies & fruits in Fresh n loc Slider Bag to keep them fresh for longer. Remove the stems from Greens and store them in these Zipouch bags for instant use. Same way, It can be used for herbs etc to save time in your kitchen. By using these Ziploc Bags, you can not only increase the shelf life of your veggies but also can keep a clean and organize fridge all the time.

2.Cut and Store Vegetables for a week

If You are a working woman, and don’t get time to cut vegetables for meals everyday, then you can store your cut vegetables in your Bag. Fresh n loc Slider Bags reduces moisture loss and extends the shelf life of fruits & vegetables stored in the Refrigerator and keep the nutrients alive. So, Cut the vegetables a day off and use them for a week. If cut vegetables are available for a week, it won’t take much time to prepare your meals even if you reach home late.

3.Keep Your favourite Smoothies ingredients ready

If You are a fitness freak and love to have fresh smoothies in the morning but have short of time but you have short of time, then you can always prepare your smoothies ingredients in the Fresh n loc Slider Bags and freeze. Just wash and cut the ingredients and prepare separate bags for each day and put them in the Fridge. In the morning, Just take out one bag from the freezer and put them in a mixer, and your smoothie is ready.

4.Store Raw Non Veg food for months

You can also keep your Non vegeterian food like chicken, Mutton, Fish & Sea Food fresh for months in Fresh n Loc Zip Pouch Bags. Just make sure You pack the food as per the potion and store them in these Bags.

Tip: When needed, Take Out 1 Bag and use all at once. Zipouch also ensures that no aroma transfers from one food type to another. Like, Even your fridge is full of vegeterian items and icecreams and you also want to keep non vegeterian food here, but are afraid of aroma transfer, then you can safely keep everything without worrying as Zipouch locks the aroma inside the bag and doesnot let it pass around the fridge.

5. Store cooked food for long to save space

You are having a party in your house and you want to prepare food in advance and store them in the fridge but there is no enough space. Just store everything in these Fresh n loc zipouch Bags to save space and keep things ready for the evening. These Bags are super space saver. Also, you can store left over food in the Zipouch Bags to keep them fresh for longer.

6. On the Go Breakfast and Snacks

You can easily have your snacks while travelling and keep back the left over in Zipouch Snack Pack without worrying about the mess. Same way, you can prepare snack packs for Picnic & Road Trip. It’s an efficient way to carry food while travel instead of carrying them in containers which is difficult to hold and wash while travelling. So, You can just pack food for travel whenever they feel hungry and travel peacefully.

7. Store Extra Spices for Months

You can store some extra spices in these Fresh n loc zipouch bags to keep them fresh for long to save space.

8. Organize Your Travel Essentials

These bags are a great way to organize your accessories like Toiletries, Medicines, Under Garments etc. The Press-n loc zipouch bags have the additional benefit of storing liquids with no spills and prevents clothes to get spoiled due to accidental spillage. Also, Big Zipouch Bags are best to carry Dirty, Spoiled & wet clothes while returning from the trip as they don’t let any smell to pass through the seal. So, You can keep your clean & dirty clothes in the same bag without worrying about the smell. You can also keep shoes & slippers in these bags.

9. Organize Your Jewellery

If you are a junk Jewellery lover and not able to keep them organized, then use these small Press n loc Zipouch bags to keep them segregated and organized. As they are transparent pouches, you can easily find your jewellery, when needed. Also it protects jewellery from getting dust or getting tarnished. Segregate your Jewellery as per type like Gold, Silver, Oxidised Pearl etc. You can also keep traditional Jewellery Bangles safe in these Zipouch Bags.

10. Organize Art & Craft Supplies

If you have kids at home, You must be having a lot of Art & Craft Supplies to organize. So, Keep them Organize with these Press n loc Zipouch Bags. Segregate Decorated tapes, Lashes, Small beads, Mirrors, Pom Poms & other smaller items in different small pouches. By doing this, all the craft supplies stay organized and easy to find. Sameway, Segregate all the art supplies in different pouches like crayons, craft paints, hand paints, acrylic paints, Pencil colours etc

11. Organize Your Diaper Bag

If You are new Mom, These Press n loc Zipouch bags are really handy to organize your diaper bag. Make separate changing bags with one pair of clothes and a diaper and a bag with cleaning wipes, tissues & some other essentials. Whenever your baby needs a change while travelling, Just pick up these 2 bags and go to the washroom for a change and put back the soiled clothes in the same bag. Also prepare extra bag for extra diapers, toys & medicines which will help you stay organized while travelling. Things will be easy to find from the bag whenever needed.

12. Organize Toys

Small Toys are hard to organize. So, Keep them segregated in Zipouch Bags like play sets, Cards, Puzzles etc. So, Whenever your kids needs any toys, Just pick up one bag and give to him and place back the pieces once he is done. Also, these are helpful while going down to the park for play or for travel.

13. Organize Your Handbag

Keep your Handbag organized with Zipouch bags. Keep all the items organized & segregated with zipouch bags like women hygiene essentials, makeup, Charger & earphones, snacks, medicines & other miscellaneous items. By doing this, Your handbag will always stay organized and any item will be easy to find.

14. Organize Medicines

Keep all the medicines organized & segregated in a medicine box for different purpose like fever, cold, acidity, pain killers etc in Press n loc Zipouch bags.Also, you can make a separate bag for Emergency medicines which can be kept in your Side Table. So, that when required you don’t need to get up from your bed and go to the main medicine cabinet

15. Store Your Occasional and Seasonal Wear

Large size zipouch bags are really good for storing seasonal wear or occasional wear clothes to protect them from dust and pest like you can store your fancy saarees and keep them organized.