Super creative ways to use books as decor

Are You a Book Lover? If You are a die hard fan of Books, You would always try to keep unread books in front so that its easy to pick whenever You wish to. I am pretty sure You would also love keeping your old as well as new books properly. Every Home generally has lots of Books like course books, general studies, reference books, Children books, Hobbies, Novels etc. If you have a separate shelf or cupboard then its easy to organize but what If you don’t? You would never like your books here and there in every corner of your house.

If you don’t keep your books in front of your eyes, you are more likely not going to read them. OUT OF SIGHT MEANS OUT OF MIND! I thought upon this and planned to keep my books organized.

I will share How I kept my Books and also different ideas to store their books even without a bookshelf.

1. If you have a separate cupboard or Book Shelf then no worries. I have a separate shelf in another room of my house which is used to store all the old novels. I have segregated them according to their categories and usage of books.

2. If you have space in your bedroom or living room for decoration etc use those extra space to place books in a beautiful way. Believe me Guys! Book Decor looks wonderful!

3. If you have less space in your shelf and need to store more books in that. Use in a smart way like I have done. I have keep the books diagonally which are seen and also kept other books which are not used frequently inside the shelf which is not seen from outside.

4. I have decorated my TV Cabinet with books and some decor pieces. You can arrange them according to its color, height etc. It solves the storage purpose and also looks great.

5. I have also used my favorite books as a decor in my living room. I spent most of the time in my Living room. So, I keep some of my books there which I am reading right now. It helps to utilize my time when I am sitting idle there.

6. I have a small shelf above my study table which is used to keep decorative pieces. But I have used to keep collection of books with the help of a beautiful Hand Shaped Book End. And that looks amazing!! Love that! You guys can also go for a simple book end.

Books at bed side table

7. I have a habit of reading at night before sleep. So, I have allotted a small space to keep my books on the bedside table also so that its easily accessible to me without getting up.

Now, For those who live a Small Apartment and do not have much space for bookshelves etc can opt for these amazing ideas:

  1. You can use Metal wall shelves. Just place them on the wall using screws and see how multiple books can be stored. It also creates a illusion of books hanging on the wall without support due to shelves being made of thin metal. It is definitely a Must Have for small apartments.

2. Use Metal Baskets to store books. It can be hanged on the wall. These can be used as wall shelves to store multiple books. It is a steady and space saving way for organizing books.

3. If you live in a small apartment, Getting a bed made with shelves. Its a brilliant idea. You can actually store lots of books and It looks great. My bed also has a storage on head board on the bed.

4. If you have deep shelves at home, You can store lots of books by using organizers. Like, Books can be kept in a decorative basket. They look great and all the collection will be visible. And also, Removing the whole basket is easy if you want to reach the books placed at the back. To utilise the vertical space, I have placed a Metal Rack to keep books. Play with your space and be creative.

5. Cube Baskets can be used to hide and store the books. Books you do not want to keep in display like old cover books, Books with spiral binding can be kept in these baskets. These baskets can be kept in deep shelf.

6. Gather all the books you haven’t read yet and place them in a own special read section basket in a living room. By doing this, they don’t get lost with other titles. The best part is you will always have books near you whenever you want to read.

7. One can keep Foldable Magazine Rack next to the bed to store sufficient number of books. This is mainly helpful to store even large picture books.

8. To store books in kids shelves, Keep plastic baskets especially at the front so that books at the back are easily accessible by removing the basket.

9. Spiral Binding Books, Large Books, Kids Books etc can be stored in a Plate Rack which is used in the Kitchen to keep plates. And you can keep this plate rack in your deep shelves of your cupboard or you can keep outside.

10. You can use a Plastic Drawer System. It is best for students staying in a hostel or PGs.

11. Lastly, Use your collection of books to decorate your house. Mix and match to make the place look beautiful. Keep few books in living room side rack which helps enhancing the overall decor. It solves the dual purpose of storage and decoration.