Cleaning Hacks that will save your time

Does so much of cleaning kills too much of your time? Do you also feel not to waste your precious time in cleaning always? I have come up with amazing hacks to shorten your cleaning time. Cleaning microwave might take 10-15 minutes for some of you. But by adapting these hacks, It can be done in 2 minutes. So, Why not to adapt these hacks in your daily routine. Just incorporate these time saving hacks to your daily routine, so that the mess doesn’t get accumulated.

Here are some Cleaning Tricks:

1.Use Dust Mop to Clean walls

ow to clean walls of your home

We guys tend to scrub our bathroom walls and it becomes difficult to cover a lot of space with a sponge. The easiest way to clean the walls is a Dust Mop. Use the same cleaning solution you already use in My Blog Post- My Cleaning Recepies. But, Instead of a scrub, Go for a Mop. It doesn’t take much time, rather it saves time. You can use this on all kinds of walls whether washable walls, bathroom walls or waterproof walls.

Get it from HERE.

2. Keep your Cleaning Supplies handy

Cleaning Supplies

Always Keep your Cleaning Supplies ready in your Cleaning Caddy. If all the supplies will be kept together, It will be so easy to just carry the caddy and go to the place where cleaning is need to be done. Designate a permanent place to your cleaning supplies in your utility area or whichever place is convenient to you.

3. Use your own Cleaning Solution

Make your own cleaning solutions like Diluted All purpose Cleanser and Vinegar Solution. I have given all the cleaning solution recepies in My Blog Post-My Cleaning Recepies

4. Use Vinegar to Clean Shower Head

How to clean shower head

We never like water stubborn-ed shower head. It’s a very common problem in almost every houses. But, Giving time in cleaning shower head means it will just waste your valuable time. Fill up the plastic bag with vinegar and keep the shower head immersed whole night. Next morning, Your shower head will look like completely new again!!

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5. Use Vinegar & Baking Soda to clean the Oven

How to clean the oven

The Oven is the most ignored part in the Kitchen. We should sometimes clean the oven to avoid cross contamination. Combination of Baking Soda and Vinegar is amazing. Just mix some water with Baking Soda to form a thick paste. Then, spread the paste with the help of sponge. Leave it overnight, and in the morning, Spray vinegar with the help of spray bottle. Scrape all the grime off and wash insides of oven with a wet cloth.

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6. Use Lemon and Vinegar to clean Microwave Oven

How to clean microwave

Cleaning Microwave is a hassle especially if you have never done it.

Just take a bowl of water with few lemon slices and 1tsp of vinegar in it. Now, Just Microwave it on 3-4 minutes. Get a wet cloth to clean it. All the food particles would surely come off.

7. Quick Polish to your Rings

Everyone has different theories to clean their Jewelries. But believe me, it’s a very easy task. Just soak your rings in a bowl of water with dish liquid soap for 15-20 minutes.
Use a toothbrush to scrub and it’s done!

8. Clean Blender

How to clean mixer jar

Cleaning Kitchen appliances seems to be a tough job especially if you cook so much. Pour some warm water in Mixer Jar with few drops of soap and blend it. It will do it’s job on it own. Cleaning Blender is no more a stress.

9. Do one load of Laundry daily

Do laundty once a day

Always do at least one load of Laundry daily. Collecting clothes for washing creates more effort later. So, Always wash your clothes daily to save your future time.

10. Lint Rollers will save time

Lint Roller for crumbs removal

Instead of spending so much time in getting crumbs out of couches and sofas. Just get a lint roller. It attracts particles and does not leave any marks behind. Get it from HERE. It’s not only for cleaning clothes! It can be used for cleaning Car seat as well!

11. Soak before Cleaning

While cleaning, always soak before cleaning process

If you want to clean something which has stains, rather than keeping on scrubbing, Spray cleanser or vinegar and leave it for sometime. More than half of the stains will automatically come off.

12. Clean Your Sponge Too!

Sponge cleaning in microwave

We clean everything with Sponges but we forget to clean the sponge. We don’t have any idea how much bacteria gets attracted to the sponge while cleaning so much. The best and fastest way to clean the sponges is to keep it in Microwave for 15-20 seconds. This will clean the sponges quickly.

13. Create a Cleaning Routine

How to make Cleaning routine

Some of them spend whole time in daily cleaning activities. You must always have a cleaning routine. Most of them get puzzled in daily chores and forget everything rest. So, Its important to set a cleaning time. So, that you don’t miss your Family time in these activities. I always make a routine for daily chores.