Clean your bathroom daily within 5 minutes

Everyone would love clean and dry bathroom as you enter in the morning. Does it gives you a wow feeling! Imagine a Bathroom with stingy smell and wall corners are jammed with dirt. Your white colored bathroom accessories have turned yellow. No one would be able to sustain in such bathroom.
I have come up with great cleaning steps to followed which will hardly take 5 minutes from your 24 hours of a day. And you will find a sparkling shining bathroom everyday.
Keeping your bathroom clean daily is a not so hectic. Just simple cleaning routine needed to be followed. but If you don’t have time or your bathroom does not require daily cleaning then you may skip some steps or just clean twice a week. I generally clean our main Bathroom everyday.

My cleaning caddy

You must have a Cleaning Caddy which should contain all the cleaning supplies. If you don’t have a Cleaning Caddy, Use a Storage Basket or a Bucket like I have kept all the cleaning supplies in a Basket. Having all the cleaning supplies and tools together becomes very easy to carry around. I have also shared how and where I store My Blog Post- cleaning supplies and tools in my Utility Area. I use mix of Commercial & DIY Cleaning solutions. All the DIY recipes are provided in My Blog Post: My Cleaning Recipes.
My Cleaning Caddy contains:

Remove clothes from laundry basket.  Laundry basket in sink cabinet.

STEP 1: Remove all the Dirty Laundry and put it for washing. I have a laundry basket in my sink cabinet itself.

STEP 2: Pick Up the Cleaning Kit and tools required for the cleaning.

Pretreat toilet bowl for cleaning

STEP 3: Toilet Bowl– Pre-treat the toilet with DIY Cleaner. Spray it nicely inside and outside and on the seat. Now, close the lid and leave it for 5 minutes.

How to clean mirror and glass

STEP 4: Mirror & Glass– Spray the solution all over the mirror and glass dividers. Wipe off the solution with the help of wiper. Take a piece of newspaper and wipe the mirror nicely. These glasses need to be completely dried after shower as soap and water generally leaves stains.

Clean sink area
Clean sink area

STEP 5: Sink Area– Spray All purpose cleaner on the basin and area around the sink area. Wipe with a dry towel. Wash with water and wipe off.

How to clean toilet bowl

STEP 6: Toilet Bowl– Spray All purpose cleaner inside and outside the toilet bowl. Clean and scrub nicely with brush and flush. Wipe off with damp towel. Alternatively, You may use Disinfectant wipes to clean if you don’t have much time. These wipes disinfect the areas efficiently. You may use Harpic Rim Block if you don’t have time to clean that much.

How to clean bathroom floor

STEP 7: Floor– Spray All purpose Cleaner on the floor. Drain water with the help of wiper. Now, dry the floor with dry mop.

Change garbage daily while bathroom cleaning

STEP 8: Change the Garbage Bag daily.

STEP 9: Place fresh towels and toilet roll if required.

Tip: Always keep the bathroom door open and switch on the exhaust fan while cleaning process.

I am following these steps.And Believe Me! It just take 5-7 minutes.

One of the key Pillars of a Healthy Home is an organized and clean Bathroom. It can help you to make your routine faster and stress free.

These are my daily cleaning steps. I also do a deep cleaning which is done weekly and monthly. I clean those corners of the Bathroom which are missed in my Daily Cleaning routine. I have already shared in My Blog Post: Bathroom Deep Cleaning Routine