How to deep clean bathroom easily-Weekly/monthly

Everyone would love Clean and Dry Bathroom as you enter in the morning. Does it gives you a wow feeling! Imagine a Bathroom with stingy smell and wall corners are jammed with dirt. Your white colored bathroom accessories have turned yellow. No one would be able to sustain in such bathroom.
I just allot 5 minutes daily to clean my bathroom. That 5 minutes steps has been shared in My Blog Post-How To Clean Bathroom daily within 5 minutes.
I also do a deep cleaning weekly and monthly. I clean those corners of the bathroom that are missed in Everyday Cleaning.


Disinfect buckets, mugs, tool for deep cleaning

1.Bucket, Mug, Tool– Always disinfect buckets, mugs , tool once a week with warm water. I take shower with hand shower only. So, I don’t keep in my Bathroom.

2. Disinfect Taps, Jet & Shower– I polish all the bathroom fittings with vinegar. Also disinfect them with disinfectant wipes.

Deep clean the floor with scrubber and broom

3. Deep clean the Floor– Clean and scrub the floor with Scrubber and Plastic Broom. Wipe off the extra water with wiper.

Disinfect garbage bin while bathroom deep cleaning

4. Disinfect Dustbin: Garbage bins also needs to be cleaned and disinfect once a week.


Dust bathroom walls, lights etc
  1. Dusting : Dust the Bathroom walls, Exhaust Fan, Lights with duster. I didn’t have a duster that time so did it with soft broom.

2. Wall tiles and Floor: Spray all purpose cleaner on the walls and scrub with the scrub pad to remove all the water & soap stains. Then, Wash them with normal water.

Sprinkle baking soda in sink  to leave overnight
Sprinkle baking soda overnight in the toilet bowl

3. Toilet Bowl & Wash Basin: Sprinkle some baking soda at night before sleep and give a scrub in the next morning.

4. Polish and Scrub Jet and Shower Head: Clean and scrub the shower and Toilet Jet with toothbrush as sometimes it gets jammed.

Cleaning shower accessories
Cleaning Shower accessories

5. Shower accessories: I clean all the shower accessories once a month by dipping them in a bucket filled with water with a little dettol and cleaner.