I am writing this especially for those, having an Unfurnished Bathroom or those who stay in rented accommodation, where there is very limited scope of any modification. Despite all this, with little efforts, we can make our bathroom very organised and beautiful. I personally understand the multiple constraints which occurs while organizing and storing so many things in a small Bathroom. So, Let’s see How I do it:-

1. Sink Area

I use Ceramic Bathroom Accessory Set to keep liquid soap, Toothbrushes and Paste. Old jars from the Kitchen can also be used. Just to make the area around the sink look beautiful, I keep a decorative piece (artificial plant) on Sink side.

2. Bathroom Essentials

Since, I have no cabinets or shelves in my Bathroom. I use Multi shelf sliding rack to keep other Bathroom Supplies. Top Shelf is used to keep most frequently used items like Hair Oil, Moisturizer, Shaving Kit, etc. Middle shelf is used to keep extra hand towels and toilet rolls. Bottom shelf is used to keep extra bathroom & Cleaning Supplies. The complete Organizer can be easily slipped in and out because it has wheels. I keep this Organizer neatly below the Sink. When needed, Just slide out and pick out your items.

3. Waste Bin

Just below the Sink, I use a suitably placed Waste Bin which has foot press opening. Hand Towel is placed in the Ring Hanger next to the sink. For Bath Towel, I have a Shower rod behind the Shower area.

4. Over the Door Multi Use Organizer

Over the door multi use organizer is used for hanging left over bathroom essentials. It avoids unnecessary nailing or drilling of the door in installation. Similarly, In shower area, I use this organizer to keep Shower Supplies like Shampoos & Shower Gel. Alternatively, You may use a Shower Caddy which is simply hung on the Shower Head to store the Shower Supplies. Use a Floor Mat next to the Pot. It helps to keep the area around clean and dry.

5. Air Freshner for Bathroom

I use aroma oil tea light for amazing fragrance. Just pour some water and few drops of essential oil and light the candle below it. Amazing pleasant chemical free natural fragrance can make you and your guests wow!!

Tip: For Kids, Bathroom Stool, Bucket, Mug can be kept at the corner of the Bathroom opposite to the Shower area.

Alternative Methods for the above:

One may use a Plastic Container on the Sink to keep your frequently used items. This will keep them all at one place. Soap Dispenser, Mesh Pen Holder can be used as Toothbrush & Paste Holder.

For extra Bathroom & Cleaning Supplies, One may use a Basket with lid and store it under the Sink. The alternative idea is to de-clutter your regular usage area and keep other supplies at a different place.

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