Cleaning and safety of Car is as important as we care for our homes. A lot of us travel everyday by our own cars. Keeping them clean, safe and organized can make our travel easy; not only for long distance but for daily purposes as well. Here are few simple ways I want to share about Organizing your Car. These are generic tips so can be applied for any model or size of Car.

Front Driver Seat which is very important for the one who drive, for easy and comfortable Travel. On the Driver Door, I keep a Microfiber Cloth only for minor dust removal from the interior like Dashboard, Vents etc. I have also kept a hammer & cutter for the safety purpose. By any chance, If the door gets stuck, One can break the glass If the Hammer is kept in the car in the easy access. Cutter is kept to cut the seat belt. One can keep the hammer & cutter in a separate box to avoid any injury. No one likes to encounter these kind of situations but its always better to be safe than sorry. Alternatively, Headrest can be removed and used to break the glass in emergency.

On the Dash Panel, I place a Mobile Holder which is very steady and convenient while using maps or navigation or to play music. It is also very useful to attend the call though I wouldn’t recommend you to do while driving. It has strong adhesive and holds the mobile safely even on bumpy roads. I have been using this Mobile Holder from last 2 years and it turned out to be a good buy. At the bottom, I keep a small box to keep loose currency and coins.

I have also placed a Car aroma Diffuser which gives a natural and pleasant fragnance while driving. It also has a USB Port for Phone charger. Just add some water and essential oil in it. It will make your car smell awesome.

Front Passenger Seat, On the door, I have kept a Umbrella for rainy and sunny days. On the Sun Shed, I have placed a Sun Shade Organizer which has a tissue holder outside. It is very convenient for us to access tissues from here instead of keeping the box on Dash Panel which otherwise keeps falling. Inside this, There is a Pocket Organizer which keeps all the Packing Receipts, Toll Cards & Few loose currencies. It is really convenient to access everything while driving. Also, Keeps the car clean without paper clutter. I have tied this organizer at passenger seat but one can tie it at driver seat as well.

Now coming at the Dashboard, I keep a small Box in which I keep Phone Charging cables. Underneath this, I keep a First Aid Pouch in which I keep Emergency medicines, Bandages & scissors. A file Pouch is kept for keeping all the car papers. I also keep an extra pair of Sunglasses. We also keep a packet of biscuits, munchies for emergency.

Inner Car, We also have a small storage in the centre of the seat where I keep an extra vanity pouch to organize emergency makeup, lotion & a comb. This is very essential If I forget to carry anything in my handbag.

Advice: Those who have to use Public Toilets while Travelling. Please do carry a Toilet Seat Sanitizer for protection against various infections. Just Shake, Spray, Wait for a minute & use. It has a anti bacterial disinfectant agent & sanitizing agent. I keep this in my Handbag as well as backseat of my car. It gives great protection while using public toilets.

Now, Lets come to the rare seat, Those who have small kids, Please use Baby Car Seat to keep kids safe while driving. Kids move around while seated in car which is dangerous. Baby Car seat is very safe and convenient way of taking Kids while travelling. They can easily sleep in the car seat. Also, its high from the place. So, they can enjoy travel while watching the view outside.

In the Back Pocket, I keep some essentials like wet wipes, colours, cap, sunglasses. Its also a good idea to hang a Foldable dinning tray which is helpful to keep food & water separately while feeding the Kids. It can also be used for other purposes also such as I pads, Food items etc.

At the back, I keep a Tissue box for easy access. You can also get a Car Back Seat Organizer(Or a small Basket) to organize all the toys & other stuff.

On the back seats, I have placed Car Back Seat Headrest Hooks which gets nicely attached to the Headrest. I utilize it to hang a Dustbin(Car Bin). It can be used to hang handbags or Shopping Bags.

During winters, I keep a jacket and woollen cap for kids along with one shawl to keep him warm while travelling.

Now, Trunk– I keep a Car cleaning Brush. I use a Car Trunk Organizer to organize my stuffs scattered in the Trunk. In the right compartment, I keep 2 bottles of water. This water is used for cleaning or washing hands while travelling. Also few items like Safety Jackets, Car Cover, Newspapers. Middle compartment is a thermal box to store food & drinks. I use to keep Car Electric pump which is very helpful to inflate tyres during travel. Sometimes, when pressure is low & there is no tyre shop or petrol pump around, Then this can really be a saver. Just connect it with the segret lighter port and adjust the pressure. It will fillup the air in few seconds with auto cut off. Before buying, Please do check electric power heatings. Any mismatch can overload and damage car electrical circuit. In another compartment, I store extra pair of clothes for kids & a blanket.If you have small kids, Store extra diaper bags. Sometimes, during long distance travel, kids get motion sick. So, Having an extra pair of clothes handy can be helpful. Side pocket is used to store Handwash liquid, soap to wash hands if they get dirty while travelling. In another side pocket, I keep few shopping bags. Keeping bags handy in the car save our extra few bucks.

One can also keep Emergency Refelctors inside the boot. I have also kept cushions ion the car for comfort and extra support. And I placed a removable car mats in the car to protect the floor from getting dirty from our footwears. You can also keep regular foot mats here.

For windows, One can use various types of Blinds. These days we get with zippers which looks great.

Important Tip: Do not store water for drinking purpose. One should not drink bottle water that has been left in the car seat for long. The heat reacts with the chemicals in the plastic of the bottle which releases into the water. When going out, Take the water bottle along and bring fresh water every day when starting from home.