I am sharing the simplest and easy way of cleaning the Gas stove and Chimney. As the inbuilt hobs generally come with auto ignition and complicate design, I would recommend not to use any harsh chemicals and sharp tools to clean them. Proper daily care and occasional deep cleaning can keep your Gas Hob and Chimney always sparkling clean and maintenance free.

Dish liquids are mainly meant to remove or clean the dishes with full of fat and oil. So, There is nothing better than dish soap to clean the hob. They are de-greasers in nature.

To clean Hob & Chimney, We are only going to use:

For Daily Cleaning, Just take a Spray Bottle and Make a Cleaning mix by:

  • 3/4th part water
  • 3-4 spoons dish liquid,

and shake it well and your daily cleaning solution is ready.

Daily Cleaning of Hob & Chimney-

STEP 1: Switch off the Equipment and unplug it.

STEP 2: Spray the solution nicely all over. Don’t pour the solution. Just sprinkle it. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes.

STEP 3: If your burner is dirty with spills, Dip them in hot water with some dish liquid soap. Otherwise, You can skip this step and do it only when needed, may be just twice a week.

STEP 4: While the cleaning solution is working to loosen the stubborn stains of food and de-greasing, Let’s start cleaning the chimney. Lot of oil get accumulated in the chimney which makes them sticky. So, On everyday basis, Do some basic cleaning. Take a paper towel and wipe the exterior of filters to remove all the excess oil.

STEP 5: Spray liquid solution on microfiber cloth and wipe all over. Also clean the lamps gently.

STEP 6: Again spray the solution on cloth and clean the digital panel or buttons if you have. Do not spray the liquid directly on it.

STEP 7 : Also, Do not forget to clean the top part which becomes dusty in due course.

STEP 8: If you have cupboards on top of chimney, Give them a wipe too. Remove all the oil stains.

STEP 9: After 5 minutes, You can see Dry spills on the hob becomes wet and loosen out. We can start cleaning it now.

STEP 10: On the glass, We should only use sponge to avoid the scratches.

STEP 11: On the Plates, Rough side of sponge can be used to loosen stubborn stains and burns.

STEP 12: Lot of burnt food get accumulated in the corners and become sticky. To remove that, Use old toothbrush. Spray solution on the toothbrush and start cleaning.

Tip: Be careful with the igniters and sparkler. It can be damaged with hard cleaning.

STEP 13: Sometimes, Food also goes inside the Burner body and is hard to clean. Small toothbrush can be handy here and clean with a dry cloth.

Tip: Burn marks are normal. So, Do not try to do the hard cleaning which can damage the burners.

STEP 14: Also, Give a scrub to the most ignored part which is Gas Control Hob. They need cleaning too.

STEP 15: Once, Scrubbing is done. Take a dry cloth and wipe off all the solution.

STEP 16: Give a rinse to pan supports and burners. Use a Scrub pad or metal brush to clean the spills. Leave them for dry or wipe them with dry cloth.

STEP 17: Place them in your hob and that’s it. Your Hob and Chimney are sparkling clean.

Deep Cleaning Of Hob & Chimney-can be done once in a month

STEP 1: Take all the parts of the Burner and put them in a pan or Bucket. Now take a bottle of White Vinegar and Hot water in ratio 1:1. The amount of liquid should be able to soak all the parts. Leave this for over night.

STEP 2: Remove the filters of the Chimney which has become greasy and full of oil and dirt and soak them in hot water and dish liquid solution for over night in the sink or in any flat bucket. Next morning you will see lot of oil and grease has already come out from the filters.

STEP 3: Now Scrub it nicely. So, It will be easy to clean inside. If required, Use a toothbrush for inner corners. Rinse thoroughly and they become as shiny as mirror.

STEP 4: Lets look at the burners which we have soaked in hot water solution over night. Just scrub them a bit with regular scrubber and dish soap and rinse them thoroughly. They will retrieve its own colour and shine. Vinegar has removed all the black burns from the Burners.

STEP 5: After drying, Place everything back.

STEP 6: You don’t need expensive and harsh chemicals for this type of simple cleaning. If you clean on regular basis, you don’t require much maintenance. Same rule is applicable for other appliances.

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