We all love buying new Clothes but it is always important to declutter the unused ones which occupies the precious space in our Closet. You will be surprised to know that almost 80% of the clothes are worn only 20% of the time and rest of the 20% are worn almost 80% of the time which are mostly our favourites or comfortable ones. Making a decision over what to keep can be the tricky part of Decluttering. Declutter your closet in few simple steps:-

The Process can be long or monotonous. Listen to some song which will keep you entertained while Decluttering.

1.Taking out all the Clothes

At first, Pull all the clothes out from your wardrobe including seasonal wear and occasional wear which you might have stored in some other closets and keep them on the Bed.

You will be shocked to see Clothes piling up and become a mountain. Taking out everything ensures that you don’t miss anything. You will be also surprised to see clothes you have forgotten about and new clothes from your own closet will definitely bring smile on your face.

2. Sorting of Clothes

Before Start Decluterring, Get 3 empty boxes or bags and label them ALTER, TRASH & DONATE. The KEEP pile is going to be a big pile. Therefore, It will stay on the Bed itself. This will help quicking the decluttering process. While Decluttering, It is very easy to sort the KEEP pile. But, Before keeping clothes to the KEEP pile, You need to ask some questions to yourself- Does this still fit me perfectly? Can I move freely into it? Do I have something to wear with it? Does this item make me feel good? Is the Fabric comfortable? If you are not able to make decision about what to keep, Try wearing them one by one and see whether these clothes are giving you joy or keeping you comfortable. There is no point having closet filled with clothes which does’nt fit you. If you are dealing with short term weight change like Pregnancy or some other health issues, You can be a little more lineant. But those items which do not fit you need to go to the DISCARD pile. Many times we hold on items with lots of guilt. These are clothes which we have spend lot of money and never worn. Some clothes are those which you are emotionally attached with but we never wear like some dress given by your husband, Your mom’s favourite suit. Let them Go, You definetely dont need them. They are just increasing your clutter. Items like beautiful saarees or lehengas can be converted into a dress.

3. Folding of Clothes

Once, Clothes are sorted, Fold them nicely. Keep separate piles for regular wear & occasional wear. Also make a seaparate HOLIDAY BOX. Clothing you wear only when you are on Holidays like Beachwear, Shorts, Light Off Shoulder Gowns, Slim Wears, Summer Hats, Trekking Boots can also be sorted along with it. Once the clothes are sorted according to the category, Its time to organize in the closet. But only clothes you wear regularly should go to the main closet. Occasional and seasonal wear should be sorted in a separate closet If you have space.

Give a nice wipe to shelves and clean them properly.

4. Organize The Closet

Try to hang Shirts, Tshirts, Tops and make them visible with the help of Hangers. Fold other clothes nicely in pile system and use baskets to organize them properly. Keep things visible so that items does’nt go unnoted. Traditional wear should go with Hanger with covers to protect them from dust or in Saaree Bags nicely folded. Store them nicely in a separate closet along with the HOLIDAY Box.

And Our Closet looks much cleaner and more spacious. Occasional decluttering makes the space look beautiful and breathable. An idea to declutter few clothes before you put any new clothes in your closet helps. This will make sure your closet will be never filled with unwanted and unfilled clothes and you will never feel a guilt of having too much not wearing them. Get the Alteration pile fixed as soon as possible and get rid of TRASH & DONATE pile at the earliest so that no junk is kept unnecessarily and taking space in your house.

The end result for me is the Closet which is not so full & I can see what I have to. Post the Decluttering, I may have less items but I actually wear more of them now. Decluttering increases the usability of unused clothes and can help somebody who is more needy.