Organize Handbag with amazing helpful tips

How many times have you faced trouble to take out your Bank Debit card from your Handbag like me? Generally, what happened with me was I know that I am carrying my debit card but I couldn’t find it when I need it the most.
Whenever I couldn’t find a particular item in my bag when its required urgently, it frustrates me.
An Organised Handbag can make you always feel light and Ever Ready. There is no need to worry about forgetting things while leaving home or office.
Organised Handbag helps a woman to feel always productive as their focus on work goes up rather than finding something in a cluttered bag.

Always try to choose a Handbag with lots of compartments so that you can keep your items easily. But nowadays, very few handbags come with compartments. So, I have thought to organize it with Mesh Pouches or Hand Bag Organizer.
I will share about how I have organized my Pink Coach Daily Handbag. .

Unorganized Purse

1. The first step is to empty your Handbag. Remove everything from your bag so that you can visualize better.

2. Now, Throw any unnecessary items or receipts from your Handbag which is of no use.

Items segregated in categories for purse organization

3. Group them in categories such as Make Up items, Cash & Cards, Earphone & Charger, Medicines, Office supplies, wallet etc.

Items segregated in pouches for purse organization

4. Once the items are divided into categories, Organize them in individual pouches/Mesh Bags/Ziploc Bags whatsoever you have.

medicine in mesh bag to keep in purse
medicine pill box to keep in purse

I have kept Office Supplies & Emergency Medicines and Sanitizer in a Mesh Bag from Miniso. Medicines can also be kept in a Medicine pill box. All Make up essentials & Lens case with liquid in a Ziploc bag.

Mobile charger and earphone in sunglass case to keep in purse

If you want to carry only earphones, carry it in a earphone case. If you want to carry both Mobile charger and earphones, carry it in a sun glass case as I do. I carry in this way so that the wire do not tangle with each other.

Visiting card to store shopping loyalty card to keep in purse

I have kept all of my shopping loyalty cards in a slim leather card holder. I only carry this when I go for shopping. I have kept my cards separately in card holder not to over stuff my wallet.

Foldable sunglass case best for your purse

I have kept my sunglasses in my favourite Foldable Sun glass Case from Global Accessories. When sun glass is in use, you can just fold the case and keep it in the handbag. I love this product because it takes very little space in the bag after removing the sun glass from the bag.

Handbag with pouches

Now, I have kept all the pouches and mesh bags in my Handbag. Also kept the Sun glass Case, Umbrella, Water bottle at the side of my bag.

Keeping keys and loose currencies in inner pocket of handbag

The inner pouch of the Handbag is used to keep loose currencies(very important for those who travel by public transport as its difficult to take out the wallet each time) and home keys.

Essentials ready for handbag organization

I have designated a separate drawer in my wardrobe to store all the Mesh Pouches and essentials to be carried in Handbag. This way everything will be neatly organized and visible. When you are leaving from home, Just pickup the pouches which will be required and put in your Bag.

Organised handbag organizer

Alternatively, One can also use Hand Bag Organizer like this which has lots of pockets to make your hand bag functional without using separate pouches. I have arranged the items according to my need and preferences in this organizer.

Handbag organizer

It can be easily placed in any other handbag also. Importantly, Taking out all the items in one go while changing handbag is super time saver.

How to organize different sizes of handbag

Since, People love to change handbags according to occasion. I have also organised My laptop Bag, Party Bag, Sling Bag etc in
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