I was fed up of my Old Kitchen Utensils and cluttered Kitchen. I will give some ideas to purge your kitchen and make some new space for new utensils and appliances. These are the easy steps so that you can declutter your Kitchen without getting overwhelmed.

1. Make list before Shopping

Sometimes we feel so overwhelmed about what to buy, what to need, what will be good for our Kitchen. Before buying anything, Do a need analysis so that you do not buy any cluttered items at home. First of all, Open each and every cabinet and make a list of those cookware and kitchen items which needs replacement to avoid clutter and unnecessary items at Home. Write it down on a paper what you need to shop.

2. Start with Small Steps

If you are working woman or busy Home maker and don’t want to get overwhelmed with decluttering process. I would suggest rather than rush, start with small steps. I don’t take out everything from the cabinets at one time, probably 1 or 2 items as time will permit and start decluttering.

Tip: While decluttering the baking cabinet, Don’t forget to discard extra measuring utensils and expired items.

3. Focus on one area at a time

A better strategy is to start with one drawer or one cabinet. Go through each item in there and decide whether it should stay or go. If it will stay in the kitchen, is this the best place for it? Keep going until you’ve processed every single item in that drawer or cabinet.

4. Get Rid of Unnecessary Stuff & Thought- “Probably I will use it in future”

For example, If your Mixer Grinder is damaged and you have to replace it. Just purge the old one rather than thinking that I may require it sometime. This thinking will just occupy space in your cabinets and nothing else. Always try to scrap those mugs from Kitchen which you are not using frequently or planning to use them in DIYs.

5. Have Purpose behind our Purchase

If you buy something, Just don’t try to keep that unnecessarily in the cabinet rather than it should solve some purpose. Decluttering time is the best time to think about the use of your utensils. I would also emphasise good quality comes with the price. If you want long term benefit especially it doesn’t comes on your health, go for good quality cookware. I go by quality over quantity.

6. Catergorize & Declutter

Categorize your Kitchen items and segregate it like kadhai, frying pan, tawa, pots, food tray, bowls

7. Don’t do declutter for the sake of Declutter. Be Mindful!

Don’t discard any necessary stuff like some utensils are those which are required very very frequently like, once or twice a year but has a great use. Just store those items at the most corner cabinet rather than purging it.

8. Discard Anything which create problem in Daily Life

For Example, Your Kitchen Towels. Old ones become very hard and they are not gentle with your hands. Just discard them without thinking upon it.

9. Stick to your need, not to be influenced by others

If you have stuffs more than what people actually have. Then think about whether they solve the purpose and ask a question- Do I really need this? You will get your answer. Like, I have a apple cutter. Most of us don’t find it helpful but in our home, we use it every single day.

The main cabinet is your food storage containers. Just take out all the containers and evaluate how much of them you need.

10. Be a slow Declutterer & Get a Holiday Box

High decluttering speed won’t get carried away which you might need occasionally. Make a box (Holiday Box) for those items which you don’t need of now and not sure whether to discard or donate. just be mindful of keeping things in that box otherwise, the process of decluttering will be in vein.