Dinning Table Decor & Organization Ideas

Just Imagine a place where you sit with your Family to have dinn and chit chat after a long day. Doesn’t It shall look great rather than all utensils and other items dumped there? Do you have a dinning table which is used more as a storage table rather than dinning?
Family members reach home tiredly at evening and they would love to have dinner at a clean organized place rather than on a storage table. I would recommend to keep your dinning table as simple as possible. Just keep those things which are required while having your meals and you may keep some decor items too.
Decorating Dinning Table is another beautiful feeling for your guests. Your guests would obviously love the food. But before that, they would see the table and feel like wow!!

Let me share some ideas how I have organised and decorated my Dinning Table for daily purpose as well as for occasional gatherings and dinners.

1. Buying a Dinning Table

Best Dinning Table

Before buying a Dinning Table, One should always take care of its comfort ability rather than its look. I use a 8 seater Dinning table. One can also use a Dinning table which has a bench on one side which really helps in accommodating extra guests. Chairs should be comfortable and has a good back support as some chairs may look good but can be uncomfortable for sitting.

I use this chair which is super comfortable. If you have a toddler at home, Extra cushion can be kept on one chair which acts a booster seat for your kid and give appropriate height to eat his meals comfortably. Please place a glass on the table to avoid scratches. It not only protects the table top but very easy to clean also.

2. Decoration & Organising

Beautiful flower vase on dinning table

First Decor piece that can enhance the place is a Flower Vase. Small indoor plants like Jade Plant, Snake Plant, Money Plant also add beauty to the Dinning Table. Candles can also be placed which gives a great look at night. Sometimes, I use my Rose Flower Vase or Tea Light.

Fruit basket on dinning table

Next item which goes with Dinning Table is Fruit Basket. Fruit Basket with different types of fruits looks beautiful on Dinning Table. Also, It is in front of us so that we can eat rather than placed in the corner or in the fridge. You can also use decorative fruit baskets like glass, wired, ceramic etc.

Table Runner on dinning table

You can also add a beautiful patterned table runner to make the dinning table more appealing.

3. Functionality

Daily essentials on dinning table

Organize daily essentials on daily basis. You can use a Wooden tray. I have a wooden tray set which I use on my Table. I have kept a plant with Salt and pepper shaker, mansion jar, coasters to keep the cutleries. Cutlery holder can also be kept separately.

Wooden caddy on dinning table

Alternatively, One can use a wooden caddy that can hold all the things together. If you have enough space, you can keep both fruit basket and wooden tray. Keeping all the essentials handy on the dinning table improves accessibility and you don’t have to set up dinning table every time you sit down for your meal. Keeping those items in a tray gives a great advantage while cleaning. It’s easy to move items in one go instead of moving one by one.

Dinning mats on dinning table for dinner

Always use dinning mats. They not only protect and keep the table clean but also look the table beautiful.

Dinning table in everyday use

When the mats are not in use, you can just keep the mats bundle under the tray.

This was a dinning table organization on daily basis. Now, I would like to share the ideas how to setup dinning table on gatherings or hosting a dinner party.

For Formal Dinning

Formal dinning

That wooden tray is not required anymore. A Flower Vase can be placed at the centre. Place all the plates and bowls on the mat leaving at least one inch gap from the table edge. Place folded cloth napkins on the right. You can keep cutleries as per cuisine you are planning to serve. Water glass always comes just above the cutleries.

Formal dinning setup

Once, All your setup is done, You can add some decoration like tea light holders etc which gives a wow look to your dinning table especially in dim light. Also, Water bottles and jugs can be placed in advance. Use Hotpot stand or mats to place hot dishes.

Tip: Do not clutter your dinning table with lot of dishes and essentials. If you have some extra space, you can arrange your dishes and other essentials on the counter of the table or use an extra table to keep the serving dishes and bring them on the table when needed.

Buffet on a side table

Tip: If you have lot of guest, You can arrange in buffet style so that guests can pickup the food in the plate and bring it on the table to eat.

Never overload your Dinning Table with lot of stuffs.