Ways how I have organized my dressing table

Dressing Table is something that greets you every morning.
Imagine You are in hurry for office or any outing. You go to the Dressing Table to get ready and all you are not able to find your comb, kajal. Your unorganized Dressing Table makes you more late for Office.
How it feels?
That imagination only is like a bad nightmare for me. Almost everyone Housewives, Working women, College going girls must be going to the dressing table every morning to dress up.
I have organized my Dressing Table according to my needs and I would love to share that. Recently I got my Dressing table designed. I love it because it is made according to my preferences.
Earlier, I used a Small Dressing table which do not have much dressing cabinets.
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My Dressing table has 1 mirror and 6 broad and deep drawers. I would love to show all of my 6 drawers and also the table top.

My organized dressing table

I keep my table top empty so that it stays neat every time. I have just placed a small silver Ganesh Ji in the middle of the table. I have also decorated the shelves with best perfumes and decorative showpieces & photos. Also kept a cute small black bin on my dressing table. Keeping a bin near to the dressing table is very convenient while doing make up to throw cotton, wipes etc.

Anti slip liners for dressing table drawers

I have placed Anti Slip Drawer Liners for all my Drawers which prevents from non sliding of items. They also protect drawers from dust and stains.

Top two Drawers are made with drawer dividers by the Carpenter itself for easy access of the cosmetics. if you do not have dividers, we can use storage baskets which will act like compartments in the drawer. These two drawers are used to keep items which are in regular use.


My organized cosmetics
Acrylic cosmetic organizer to store cosmetics
  • I have used a Acrylic cosmetic organizer to store my lipsticks, brushes vertically. And kept my compact, concealer, eye shadow upright. Whenever I need to do makeup, I just grab this tray and keep on the table and keep it back when I am done.
  • Used an DIY Mobile phone box to store Nail colors and blushes. In the middle where space is left, kept foundation, sindoor & lip balm.
  • First compartment is used to keep all the hair ties and hair clutches.
  • Second Compartment is used to keep Normal as well as fancy bindis. At that back, I have also kept a cute round box to store all the safety pins & saree pins. The rectangle mint box is used to store all the hair pins.
  • Third Compartment is used to keep all the combs & Hair Brushes.


My organized dressing table drawer
  • The long compartment is used to keep Hair Styling machines like Hair Dryer and Hair Straightener. I have tied the wire with velcro tie so that it looks tidy.
  • First Compartment is used to store my Lens solution & case, Perfumes, Hair Gel
  • Second compartment is used to keep Hair clips in Transparent pouch & nail accessories like nail remover, nail filer etc.
  • Third compartment is used to keep Party wear hair clips


Extra cosmetics storage in dressing cabinet
Section boxes to store earings, jewelleries etc

This Drawer is used to store my Section boxes(to store jewelleries), Extra makeup essentials in golden box, Pouches with extra fancy clips etc.


Drawer with travel essentials
Cosmetic storage organizer bag for travel
  • This Drawer is used to store travel essentials. I have Black Cosmetic Makeup Storage Organizer Bag to store cosmetics easily while travelling as it has adjustable compartment. This is my favourite.
  • I have also kept travelling bottles pouch which is super easy to carry your liquids like shampoo, oil, conditioner, moisturizer etc.


Bangles storage in dressing cabinet
My bangle box

This Drawer is used to store my two Bangle Boxes. Also, Bangle box made of cloth can also be used. I had 4 bangles in bigger size which couldn’t fit in the box. I have kept that separately in a Transparent Pouch.


Clothes folded

I have a extra drawer in my dressing cabinet. So, I store my nightwears in this drawer. Bottoms are rolled and kept in first line. Topwears are rolled and kept in the second line. With this, I can store maximum clothes in one drawer.

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My favourite dressing cabinet

My Dressing Table is my favorite just because it is simple with good storage and serve the purpose well of keeping everything at one place, organised and easy to access.