I will tell you what items one should carry when you are going on a short trip or Road Trip. These items can be carried when going on a Day trip or Intercity Travel. Keeping essentials can make your Travel very convenient.

1.Snacks– It is very important especially when you are travelling with kids or one who avoid eating outside. Prepare things before so that You don’t skip carrying food. Also, Prepare non messy items so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning such as Sandwiches, Makhanas, Idlis, Home made cakes, Fresh Fruit, Biscuits, Dry fruits, Nuts, Protein bars etc. They get instant energy. Make a separate bag for food and don’t forget to carry Paper Napkins. Always keep last meal at the bottom and first or second meal at the top. You may also label them for convenience. A flask with Coffee. You can enjoy some scenic top views with the Hot Tea. It brings back the freshness when you are tired or feel sleepy while travelling. Depending on your preferences, You can carry coffee sachets to make instant coffee or tea.

2.Water Bottles– Keep at least two. Staying dehydrated is crucial.

3. Bag Back/ Duffle Bag– I always carry a Bag Pack or a Duffle Bag as they are very convenient for road trips.

4.Warm clothes for each person like a Jacket or a Sweater and a cap if the weather is cold. Also keep a small blanket for kids to keep them warm while travelling & a shawl for adult.

5.Cap, Sunglasses, Rain Jacket or Umbrella, Sunscreen to protect you from UV rays, Torch(required especially when you are travelling while early morning or night)

6. Cash (Online transaction in remote areas can be an issue)

7. Notepad & pen to write down any idea or thought or for leaving a note

8. Camera & Charger to click picture. Also selfie stick if planning to click from mobile.

9.Emergency medicines handy like Pain Killer, Anti inflammatory medications etc should be kept. Also some basic supplies such as bandages, antiseptics & safety pins

10. Bugs & Mosquito Repellent Sray because bugs during the trip is not fun at all.

11. Wet wipes and Hand Sanitizer

12. Toilet Sanitizer & Hand wash liquid– Carrying Hand liquid is very helpful for better cleaning with kids who love to play with sand or dirt.

13. A Mat or a Bed sheet if going for picnic

14. Garbage Bags– Keep them handy to keep your Car clean from littering. It is also good to keep wet clothes away from dry ones if you get caught up in the rain.

15. Reusable Shopping bags while hopping to shop on road.

16. Few Toys & activities to keep your kids busy. Avoid giving them Phone or Tablet while travelling as it can make them dizzy.

17. A Small Cushion & Seat Belt Pillow for Kids.

18. Cooler to store food & drinks

19. Wear comfortable clothes & shoes for long distance travel. For Hilly areas, Always prefer to choose flat & anti skid shoes

20. Foldable mesh laundry bag– It is useful if going to the Beach. You can just dump all your dirty clothes in this basket & directly keep it in your car

21. Good Music Playlist to keep you entertained.

Organised travel means easy access to items and lesser clutter. Keeping your kids well, protected from weather & hygienic is important consideration. Happy & cheerful kids make your travel Fun & Stress Free. Well You don’t need to pack everything while Travel. Most of these would be available in your car if you keep your organized. You just need to cross check and pack whatever is not available. If you need some ideas to organize your car, Do refer My Car Organization.