Use Command Hooks to ease your Organizing. Command hooks helps in simplifying various hanging & organizing tasks with ease, needness & without damaging surfaces. I have also used Command hooks in Closet Organization as well as Dressing Table Organization. A wide range of command hooks are available. They are easy to use, come with great adhesive strength, recyclable & totally stain free. So, You don’t have to worry about getting your walls spoiled with adhesive. Lets look at some uses and hacks which can ease your organizing and hanging tasks. There are varieties of command hooks.

These hooks come in different sizes and have different weight holding capacity. So, Choose according to the need. I will discuss about its type and usage:

  1. Micro Hooks– It can hold up to 225 gms of weight. These hooks can help you organizing your Bathroom cabinets to hang nail clipper & scissors. You can also hang your toothbrush holder with the help of these hooks. Hanging garlands in any puja or festival can be smooth and fast with these many hooks as well as any party decoration.

2. Wire Hooks– These Wire Hooks have same weight holding capacity and can be helpful in maximizing the door space of any cabinet like one can hang cleaning tools and kitchen essentials like wire stands.

3. Small Designer Hooks– It can hold up to 450 gms of weight and they are super efficient in organizing different areas around the house. One can hang Kitchen & Baking tools with the help of these tools to utilize door space. One can place two hooks in some distance apart and with the help of thin stick or rod, You can hang your Kitchen Paper Towel. By placing one hook on the top, and two at the bottom, You can keep a chopping board by just sliding into it.

4. Medium Designer Hooks– It has weight holding capacity of 1.3 kg. With these hooks, Many things can be organized. Here, I would like to share about one great hack of gift wrapping paper or craft supplies. On the side wall of Kids Cabinet or any other cabinet, Place two hooks on distance apart depending on the size of sticks you have. Below this, Place two more hooks and one in the centre. Roll the Packing paper around the road and place it on the hooks. Place all the beautiful wrapping tapes in the rod and place it in second row and hang scissors on the last row. Now, Organizing and using craft papers and supplies can be so easy. You can also organize your Dressing cabinet doors with these hooks. You can hang your Jewelry, Hair Accessories and other essentials to maximize the space.

5. Large Utility Hooks– It can hold up to 2.2 kg of weight. It has very good weight holding capacity. It helps in hanging and organizing heavy items around the House. The best way to utilise it to stick on the door of your closet to hang your purse or office bags.

6. Saw Tooth Picture Hanger– It can hold up to 1.8 kgs of weight. It is the best way to hang paintings & picture frames to decorate your house without damaging your wall. Removal of these clips is also very easy. It comes out clear without damaging the walls. Wall clocks can also be hung with the super efficient picture hangers

7. Poster Strips– It can help you sticking posters or Kids Crafts on the wall. You can also do Birthday or Party decoration without fear of wall spoiled.