Best time saving ways to get rid of daily cleaning and organizing

Is it important for you guys to spend quality time with our Kids and family in order to just spending those time in daily chores?
Does daily Organizing & Cleaning wastes so much of your precious time?
As You enter home after working for long in the office and see things messed up. Mind gets more irritated rather than working faster. Have we ever thought Why some people can work more efficiently than we do? Have we ever taught how they could complete the same work with minimal effort?
Yes or No?
Because they have a Better Planning which we all need to do.

We also need to do the same thing. Some of the daily chores can be easily omitted from your life. Just you need to put little effort and You are done!!

I have found some worth ways to make your everyday task quicker and easier. I have put together few hacks that can save your time and energy:

1. Make Things Easily Accessible

Many a times things are not visible in our shelves and we face difficulties finding them at the right time.

  • We pile our clothes in such a way that we couldn’t find when we need them the most. If we want one t-shirt, the whole stack falls down. Roll them and keep in your drawers or storage baskets so that it can be picked within seconds.
  • Use a Fold able Kitchen Rack to use the vertical space of your Kitchen cabinet and things are also seen properly.
  • Bathroom essentials needs to be kept in the bathroom sink only.


  • Dinning table essentials like salt, spoon, fork etc needs to kept on the table only to avoid running to the kitchen.
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2. Schedule your Tasks properly

A planned week is always fruitful. If you allot specific tasks like bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, changing bed linens, rearranging any corner, any repairs etc on a particular day in a week or a month. You can save unnecessary time you waste in daily cleaning and your week will be productive enough. I use a Planner which is a magnetic sheet comes with markers and duster. I have sticked it to my fridge. I note down my daily planning there and as it is done, I erase it. Believe me Guys! That’s a Super way to be more efficient.

3. Use Time Saving Kitchen & Cleaning Tools

  • Keeping a stock of Cleaning Caddy will save time doing up and down to grab cleaning supplies and you can clean mess instantly. Just carry the caddy to the untidy place and clean within minutes.

4. Kids Free Zone

I allow my children to play only in his room. I keep other rooms closed in the mornings as they stay clean and messed free. Sometimes, Kids play games which has very small small items that makes the place untidy. I use a Toy Storage Bag cum play mat. Small pieces can be kept in this bag. When the kid has to play, Just open the bag and sit on that and play and fold them back. There is no littering of small pieces.

5. Use Protectors

Covering your Sofa, chairs is essential if you have small kids at home. These cover help from dust and spillage made by kids. This little investment on chair covers, Dinning table mats, Sofa covers can save a lot of your time.

6. Earlier Meal Prep

You can cut and store veggies in a small box or Ziploc Bags and prepare a simple fast cooking meal later on. Make a list of dishes which can be cooked fast.

7. Use Fitted Bed sheets

One of the good choices is to use Fitted Bed Sheets on your bed in order to save time. It can be spread in seconds and you don’t have to adjust its edges everyday. It is the best solution for mom with small kids. Kids can play and jump all day.

8. Manage Going Out Essentials

I have designated a drawer for Going out essentials which I carry almost everyday like Wallet, Glasses, Umbrella, Keys, Sanitizer etc. I just pickup and leave quickly instead of running and finding things all around the house.

9. Grocery List

You should always keep a grocery list handy in your kitchen. As you work in the Kitchen, You see some item is required, just immediately pen down the item required. By applying this method, none of your item gets missed.

10. Plan Outfits(for girls especially)

Plan outfits for a week and label them as per days. We girls take a lot of time selecting the outfit especially in the morning. It becomes a havoc mix matching them. Selecting outfit in advance will save you from morning hurdle.

You guys need to understand the importance of Time Management. I am sure I must be helpful to you to be productive.