Organize different sizes of purse/handbag

Do you also love to change Handbags so often? Some of them love to change their handbag according to their outfit and place they are going and they face difficulties to shift their handbag daily. Shifting each item to another bag is not at all a smooth task to do everyday.
I will share how You can easily change your Handbag and how to organize it for different purposes.

Unorganized purse

The first step is to empty your Handbag and group in categories such as Make Up items, Cash & Cards, Earphone & Charger, Medicines, Office supplies etc. Once the items are divided into categories, Organize them in individual pouches.

Items segregated kept in pouches to be kept in purse

For Everyday Use, Use Transparent or Mesh Pouches for organizing different categories of things in different pouches like:

  • Wallet (Organize Credit/Debit Cards & Ids, Cash)
  • Make Up essentials (As per your Requirement)
  • Compact mirror for quick touch up
  • Hanky / Small Towel
  • Sunglasses with its case
  • Water Bottle
  • Office Supplies
  • Earphone in earphone case, or
  • Mobile Charger & Earphones in a Sun glass case
  • My Lens case with liquid
  • Emergency Medicines
  • Sanitizer
  • Umbrella
  • Leather card holder for organizing shopping cards etc

This is just an example how to organize items in Hand Bags. Items which are needed to be kept in the bag totally depends on personal choice and requirements.


My organised handbag with pouches nad mesh bags
My handbag Fully Organised

Always choose a bag with good number of pockets and compartments. I have a Bag with 1 compartments inside and two small zipper pocket inside. I have kept all the small categorized mesh bags and Ziploc bags in the Hand Bag. Also kept Water bottle, Umbrella, Sun glass at the corner of the bag.

Handbag organizer

Alternatively, One can use Hand Bag Organizer which has lots of pockets to make your hand bag functional without using separate pouches. I have arranged the items according to the need and preferences. It can be easily placed in any handbag. Importantly, Taking out all the items in one go while changing handbag is super time saver.

Handbag organiser
Keep this Handbag organizer inside the handbag

Alternatively, Handbag Organizer can also be used
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Few other types of Bags which can be organised efficiently are:


Laptop bag with its items to be kept

My Laptop bag has 2 large compartments and very easy to separate items. I have kept all the items beside the bag which I have to put inside. I have kept the laptop and its charger in one compartment and other mesh pouches and other items in another compartment.

Organised laptop bag

Essentials to be carried in laptop bag:


Sling bag used for shopping and outings

These bags are for short outings & shopping. My sling bag has only one compartment and a outer pocket. I have kept these items in sling bag:

organized sling bag

4. CLUTCH BAGS (For Function & Parties)

Clutch bag/party bags with items
organized party bag

They are generally slim and have little space. My bag has a main compartment & small zipper pocket outside. Mostly, we use this for functions, party etc. So, Just a same shade of lipstick, Kajal, Compact, visiting card are good enough to carry. I have kept some cash in visiting card only as I don’t carry wallet. Mobile Phone is kept at the back zipper pocket.

Mesh pouches with items segregated in a drawer

Allot a separate drawer in your wardrobe to store your Handbags essentials. Keep different types of pouches in a separate drawer. This way everything will be neatly organized and visible. Whenever you are going out, Just pick up the pouches & essentials which you require at that particular day. This will make your life much easy and will save a lot of time.