This is the most ignored part yo look after. May be because its dark, hard to get to & contain sink pipe and other fixtures which occupy some space. Whatever be the reason, It generally ends up with big mess of cleaning supplies, Plastic Bags and even other Household essentials. Most of Us keep cleaning supplies under the Sink. It is a compact and concealed place to keep all those cleaning essentials but just dumping them inside always frustates you each time you open the door. So, How to keep your Sink Area Clean, Organized & Functional.

Lots of Vertical Space gets wasted as there are no shelves in my sink area. Things were kept randomly making such an unorganized and messy space. The first of any Organization is to remove everything and make it empty. Visualize the place and think how would you like to utilize this place. I have planned to keep extra monthly stock of Cleaning Supplies & Toiletries. Now, Start placing baskets and few organizers which can help making functional.

I have placed two big baskets to keep extra cleaning supplies and stock of regular toiletries like Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion etc. By placing Baskets, Items stay segregated and organized.

To utilise the door place, I have placed Over the Cabinet Caddy to store Soap Bars & Hand Wash Sachets.

In the middle, Just under the Sink Pipe, I have placed a Foldable Wire Shelf to utilize the vertical space. I utilize the top section to store Kitchen & Bathroom rolls. In the bottom section, I have placed a plastic tray to keep extra mops & sponge wipes.

As My cabinet is spacious enough, I have placed a modern drawer system to utilize vertical space efficiently. It has drawers where I have kept items segregated. First Drawer is for the Dental Supplies. Second Drawers is for travel toiletries and empty containers for travel. Third drawer is for extra scrub pads, Cloth, Micro fiber cloth. Last Drawer is for miscellaneous items like Washing Bar, Naphthalene Balls, Bathroom Freshner etc.

On the door, I have placed a command hook to hang cleaning gloves and microfiber duster with the help of Binder Clips.

To utilize the space of another door, I have placed a mesh magazine Holder with the help of double tape. I have kept extra stock of Garbage bags here.

By just making little changes & by adding few Organizers, The same unorganized space has become super efficient, manageable and easy to access.

Now, Kitchen Sink Area- Most of us use to keep regular cleaning supplies, Garbage bags due to convenience. But over a period of time, It does get messy and unorganized. Now, Remove everything from the cabinet and keep small baskets and organizers. I keep this place for minimal items which are used for everyday cleaning.

I have placed a Foldable wire shelf to utilize the vertical space. Below this shelf, I keep a small basket to keep cleaning cloths and microfiber cloth in a basket for everyday cleaning. On the top, I keep round baskets- One with extra Scrubs, Naphthalene Balls and another basket is used to keep Kitchen Towels. I always keep a soap dispenser bottle and refill it for daily use. All the daily cleaning & hand wash liquid are kept at the back in a separate basket.

I use a Tension Rod in the sink area to hang Spray bottle and stay out of the way. One may also hang used cleaning cloth here. Alternatively, One can fix regular curtain rod here.

On the door, I have placed same Over the door Caddy to keep cleaning brushes & roll of garbage bags. Microfiber duster and cleaning gloves are hung here with the help of binder clip with the help of Command Hook.

Even smallest places can be maximized and used efficiently by adding organizers and little effort. Nothing is impossible if we really want to make something happen.