How to pack bag for organized travel

Are you are going on vacation? Planning to chill for some days?
Do you also feel irritated like me when you forget things during travel? When your luggage is too heavy to carry?
These packing tips will never let you forget a single item when you pack for a holiday. It will help you pack light and organized. I am sharing how to pack for a week long vacation in just a small cabin bag or a suitcase.

Organized Suitcase

Luggage Tips

1. Always use a light weighted suitcase so that your weight limit does not exceeds because of the weight of the luggage only. I use Delsey from Paris which is super light weighted and easy while travelling. Love it!

Suitcase with luggage tag for identification

2. Always put a luggage tag on your luggage to avoid unnecessary hassles at the airport.

Hand luggage while travelling

2. Always keep your most needed essential items in your carry bag, not in checked-in luggage. It will help you in accessing your essential items when you are in flight.
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Packing Tips

1. The first and foremost tip is to make a checklist. We tend to forget things. We can’t make list in our mind and do packing. Making a checklist will really help to pack fast. You can make a physical checklist on paper or digital checklist on your phone or laptop which can be updated as per your type of vacation. To make digital checklist you can download free apps like Google Keep and Ever note or just use pre-installed apps like Notes on your phone.

Now Let’s see how to pack for a week long vacation. But, before you start packing, Check the weather of the City you are visiting and pack accordingly. Here, I am sharing Packing tips for a normal weather approximately 28-35 degree Celsius.

All clothes for packing

Bring all the items at one place you are going to pack.

3. Choose your outfits smartly. I use wrinkle free and light tops which can be paired with 2-3 pants, Shorts or Capris. I can mix match them with Pants easily. I also carry one light Jacket If I feel cold.

Undergarments Kit
Undergarments in ziploc bags

4. I have kept all the Lingeries in a Beautiful Lingerie Bag. This bag has a detachable compartment for keeping personal items. If you don’t have this kind of organizer bag, You can get a Zip pouch Bag. The idea is to keep particular types of items together so that They don’t get lost in the Bag.

Cosmetic Storage Vanity Toiletry Bag

5. For toiletries & makeup, I use a Cosmetic organizer box to stores my toiletries and cosmetics. One can also use this kind of Vanity cum Toiletries Bag. It has separate compartments where I keep items segregated.

Arrange your cosmetics for travelling purposes

Or, Use a Roll-n-Go Toiletry bag which as separate zipper sections to store cosmetics and toiletries. This bag can be rolled and then kept inside the suitcase or bag.

Miniature travelling bottles

I use miniature travelling bottles to carry toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, body lotion etc. And store those bottles in a transparent pouch.

Accessories in a separate bag

6. I keep another miscellaneous items like needle & thread, Cotton Pads, Rubber Bands, Clutchers, Extra buttons, Nail Filer, Nail Cutter. I keep some safety pins and bobby pins separately. If you don’t use the compartment box, store these in a small empty mint box.

For storing jewellries
Store medicines while travelling

7. I keep all my Earings in a spill box. It has individual sections to keep different Earings and at the back one big one where I can keep danglers. These spill box can used to store medicines too.

8. I keep all my medicines for Fever, Headache, Tummy ache, Bandages etc in a separate pouch.

Shoe tarvel bag

9. I carry one pair of Sandals in my luggage and will be wearing shoes while travelling. I pack them in shoe bag which comes with sandals in shoe box or can be packed in Shoe Organizer Bag for Travel.

Folded clothes to be packed in suitcase

10. Folding all my tops and nicely layer them on top of each other. I roll rest of the clothes like Jeans, Skirts & Payjamas to save space. I didn’t fold the tops as they are of thin material.

11. Now keep the clothes in the bag and jacket on the top. Keep Jewellery Box, Belt, Medicine pouch, Vanity Bag, Lingerie Bag, Sandal bag, Watches in a small Box.

12. Take a thin cotton towel instead of bulky ones. This is good for travelling and gets dry fast.

Tip: Don’t forget to keep extra laundry bag or poly bag to keep dirty clothes separated from the clean ones.

And that’s It! We have done packing. We have completed one week of clothing in just small cabin baggage. Absolutely hassle free travel.