To clean vegetables, Prepare a mix of 3 parts of water and 1 part white vinegar as I did in My Blog Post- How to Clean & Store Vegetables and herbs. It helps in removing dirt & pesticides from the veggies.

Tomatoes– Dip the tomatoes in white Vinegar solution and leave them for 10 minutes. Now, remove tomatoes from the solution and give a wash under running solution. Drain water and leave them dry. Once dried, Store in a basket somewhere in the Kitchen at room temperature. Tomatoes don’t need refrigeration.

Lady finger and beans- Wash lady finger and beans and dry them completely with the Kitchen Towel or leave them for air dry. To store them, I use cotton clothes bag. You may get it stitched or use any old pillow cover. Put the lady finger in the bag and cover them with paper towel inside the bag. Store these veggies in the Crisper Drawer.

Cauliflower, Cabbage, Capsicum, Brinjal– If you wish to store them for long, then cling wrap and place them in a Crisper drawer in Refrigerator else, They will get dry and lose their moisture. Wash properly before cooking. Before cooking, after cutting Brocolli or Cauliflower, Leave them in hot water or salted water for few minutes to get rid of worms.

After Drying, Its ready to store in a container

Spinach– To clean spinach, Take a container filled with water. Hold the bundle of spinach and dip the bundle down in the container and shake it. Shake nicely so that all the dirt comes out. Throw the water and fill the container with fresh water. Cut the stems and dip spinach in the water. Leave it for few minutes. It is always recommended to consume greens within 2-3 days after purchasing. But if you wish to store it for few days then first dry it completely after cleaning. Place it on the kitchen towel and dry it with the help of another kitchen towel and leave it for air dry. To store, take a big glass or plastic container.Place a paper napkin at the bottom and spread some leaves on paper towel. Don’t put too many. Put another paper towel and repeat the process. Once all the leaves are stored, close the lid. By following this method, one can store spinach more than a week. One may try Tupperware Fridge container also. It is especially designed to keep veggies fresh in the Fridge. Keep both the vents open while storing green leafy veggies.

Fenugreek/Methi-Remove the leaves from the stems. You don’t have to be fine in this. Soak the leaves in water filled container and rub gently. Soaking removes 99% dirt. Give another little wash if methi is soiled. Remove methi from the water and use it directly in food preparation. If you wish to store, then dry it completely with the help of kitchen towel. Store methi leaves in a container by placing a paper towel. Net Bags can also be used. Place another paper towel on the top . Close the lid and put the box in the fridge.

Potato/Onion/Garlic– Take all the Potatoes from bag and keep in a basket or Vegetable Stacker in a open place in a dry cool place. Net bags can also be used. Don’t store in plastic bags and keep them away from direct sunlight or moisture as they will start sprouting.

By storing veggies in this way, Vegetables will remain as fresh after a week.

To know how to store, wash Chillies, Curry leaves, coriander, Garlic Please refer to Cleaning & Storing of Veggies & Herbs.