Men Closet Organization

When your Husband have a organized closet because of you, You will always be darling for her! He doesn’t need to rush for socks, hankies or wallet etc while getting ready for the office. He just needs to open his wardrobe and find everything organized. His Formal and Informal wear are segregated in his wardrobe properly. My Husband’s choice is to find all the items easily and having an uncluttered view.
Even many a times, Clothes kept at the back and underneath stay untouched. If not organized properly, then clothes in the front will be utilized more but the ones at the back will be forgotten. Most of the men prefer simple organization where functionality and ease of access is the key.

I tried to organize the closet according to my Husband’s preferences and He loved it! This is How It Looks.

How to organize Men Closet

The Main section of the Wardrobe is used for formal and informal Pants. All the pants are categorized as per color. I use a Saree Hanger. By using these hangers, Pants don’t slip and stay intact. Secondly, There is more space at the bottom compared to regular hangers which is used to keep shirts and tshirts.

I have kept daily office wear shirts and TShirts underneath the pants which are used the most. I have kept all the TShirts and Shirts separately.

I have Four wide drawers in these wardrobe.

How to organize men's accessories-Men Closet Organization

First Drawer– It is used to store all his accessories like watches, Sunglasses, Cufflinks, Belts, Pocket Pins etc. I have used branded black boxes and labelled all the boxes which looks neat and organized. Labeling helps to rearrange and pick up in one go!

Watch Organizer to store watches- Men closet Organization

I have kept a beautiful leather watch box to store all his wrist watches.

How to organize sunglasses- Sunglass Organizer to organize men closet

I have used a Sun glass Organizer to store all the Sunglasses (Mine ones are also included).
Ps: I have also kept our Spectacles in it.

How to organize undergarments- Men closet Organization

Second Drawer-It is used to store all the undergarments, socks, hankies. I have used this Drawer organizer to store vests, underwear, socks and hankies to keep them segregated. I have also kept night shorts which are of synthetic material, difficult to be stacked.
Drawer divider gives a clear picture of clothes how much you are left with. These organizers helps to keep the clothes organized, vertically in file system. At the back, Swimming kit is kept for easy access along with his wallet.

How to organize shirts- Men Closet Organization

Third Drawer– It is used to keep party wear shirts and new shirts to keep them segregated so that they don’t get mixed up with daily ones.
I have piled all white light color shirts in one pile.

Storing Extra Undergarments
How to organize Undergarments
How to organize Undergarments

I have an extra additional space in this wardrobe where I hang very occasional clothes like blazers, bandis, Kurta & Payjamas. Underneath this, I have kept a box to store all the extra socks, hankies etc. I always keep a pouch ready with all the travel toiletry pouch with essentials required like one grooming kit, dental kit along with few random items and one emergency medicine pouch for any emergency travel.

How to organize ties and belts- Men Closet Organization

Door 1– I have installed cloth hanging multi hook in both the doors. One of the door is used to hang all his belts and ties. With these hooks, all the belts stay segregated plus accessing and reorganizing them is very convenient.
Alternative: Use Over the Door Multi Hook organizer to hang all the belts. You may use a normal wall mounted and command hook also.

Keep travel bag ready in men closet

Door 2– It is used to hand his small Travel Bag which looks elegant here.


Alternative 1: Use a Tie Organizer to keep all the ties segregated and removing and placing back tie is very easy.

Special Hanger to hang clothes in Men Closet Organization

Alternative 2 : If you don’t have too much of space to hang the pants, use a special hanger to hang the trousers. One hanger can easily hold 5 pair of trousers.

How to organize shirts-Men Closet Organization

Alternative 3: These shirts can be kept in a Regular Shirt Organizing Basket. With this, Shirts and TShirts do not fall on the sides and stay organized. Also, Removing any cloth from the center of the pile is very convenient. You don’t need to remove the upper kept shirts to access the middle ones.

How to organization men clothes- Men Closet Organization

Alternative 4: One can keep all the bottom wears in these Pull Out Bags which is very easy to see all the options.

My Husband prefers things visible, accessbile and everything at one place. If things are visible, they will be used else likely to get ignored from daily use.