There are so many Kitchen Organization Ideas we are unaware about. These new ideas can really make our cooking fast and easier. Storing so many things in the Kitchen or Refrigerator seems no more struggle after following these ideas.
I would share 10 new ideas for Kitchen Organization which helps in maximizing the space and can make your Kitchen super organised. Believe me, These Organizers are actually very helpful and after using this, I feel now my Kitchen is super organized!

1. Refrigerator Pull Out Bin

This is a helpful organizer for small Refrigerators. It has a pull out bin which can be adjusted according to the deepness of the shelf. Just need to attach it with the Fridge Shelf and there you go. Now you will have an extra space to store vegetables & fruits. It saves the vertical space of the fridge.

2. Fridge Organizing Container

This is transparent basket with a handle and a lid. It comes with 3 small removable containers. One can use as it is or as a container as per their needs. These containers are helpful to store multiple items together especially everyday cooking ingredients like chillis, Curry leaves, Fresh Coriander leaves, ginger, peeled garlic etc. Earlier, I used to store all these in separate containers but now, I find this container definitely an efficient & time saving Organizer.

3.Grocery Dispenser with Grids

These Dispenser has 3 sections to store multiple items. It has lockable lids and separate dispenser lids. Whatever item you need, you can pour it while moving the lid on desired item. This is definitely a good buy for those who do not have sufficient space to store separate containers. One can easily store 3 different pulses or any 3 items in the same container and can easily access them without getting them mixed. This is also good for storing different spices, snacks & cookies.

4. Spice Tower Stacking Bottles

This is an another Space Saving Organizer is Spice Tower Stacking Bottles. It has 5 separate clear bottles which can be stacked on the top of each other making it like a tower. It comes with separate lids for sprinkling and pre made labels which is very helpful. You can store different types of spices in it without assigning a separate cabinet. They are easily stack able and take almost no space on your kitchen counter top which makes a super buy and space maximizer.

5. Kitchen Sink Accessory Set

Keep your Dish washing accessories and liquid at one place. This set comes with Dish Bottle Dispenser for Dish Liquid. One attached push dispenser for hand liquid. One Container to store Cleaning accessories. Mostly Like me, You people also must be buying value pack of Dish liquid & Hand wash. This Sink Accessory Set helps to keep my dish washing area clean and organized.

6. Three Tier Shelves

This is a another type of Three Tier Rack which helps to keep your Crockery and Dinner Set segregated. It has three shelves. I keep this in cabinet to keep bowls. It makes the cabinet look good and organised. You can also keep the dinner set organised in it. By keeping items segregated, They remain easily accessible.

7. Silicon Soap Dish

This is a self Drain Soap Dish Wash made of Silicon. If you use Vim Bars or Cloth Washing Bars. You may be knowing they get really sticky and messy especially by mistake when water goes into the Soap Dish. So, This Soap Dish helps to drain out all the water and make them lasts longer.

8. Silicone Stretchable Lids

Many a times, we have left overs stored in regular steel & glass bowls but we need to cover them before storing. Either we use plates to cover or place them in separate food containers with lids. But with this lid, You can directly store them in the same bowls and cover them with this Stretchable silicon lids. They come in different sizes. Therefore, it can be used to cover different sizes of Bowls to cover. It keeps the food protected from dust.

9. Soda Can Organizer

Another Space Saving Organizer is the Soda Can Organizer. You can keep 4 cans in this and can be kept vertically to save space. It has a handle to pull out the can easily. It is a wonderful organizer to store multiple cans in your Pantry.

10. Plate Rack

A different type of Square Shaped Plate Rack. It comes in a Pack of 2. One for large plates and another for small Plates. You just directly place the plates inside it. It takes less space and can be kept in small cabinets easily. With the help of this Plate Racks, You can maximize the small space and make it organised.

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