Fridge is an essential part of our life. It keeps the food fresh and increases their shelf life. Having a chilled glass of beverage after coming back from homes gives such a pleasure. Fridge makes our life so easy. For keeping Leftovers, milk, Making ice cubes or just having cold water. But Do we take care of our Fridge? Do we keep our Fridge clean and Organised? Or We keep over stuffing it with all kinds of leftovers and unnecessary items. How many of you really take effort to clean your fridge? Let me explain you How I organize my Small Fridge? Here are few techniques which can make your day to day life little easier and your Fridge will look more organized, clean & spacious. I have a medium 210 litres of Fridge.

To look clean and stain free, I use Anti Slip Fridge Liner Mats. Alternatively, Dinning table Plastic mats can also be used. These fridge liner Roll Mat can be cut with Scissors to any Shape or Size as per your needs. Anti- skid surface prevents things from sliding from its place. It can also be used in Kitchen, Bath, Drawer Shelves, Refrigerators, Dining Tables, and any other place. Non-Adhesive, Textured, Super Strong, Crack Resistant and Can Resist Low Temperatures Inside Refrigerators.

So, Lets Go Shelf wise,

The Shelf below the Freezer is the coldest shelf. So, It is more suitable for dairy products & eggs. Keep all types of Curd & Fruit yogurt in a basket. Use Glass Jug to keep milk rather than wide vessel which occupies more space. Keep eggs in two separate trays with lid so that you can place them on top of each other which helps in saving space.

Second Shelf is mostly used for leftover salads & Dosa batter. I use Square Glass Containers with lid to keep leftovers. By using these kind of food storage containers, One can stack boxes on top of each other to save space. The best part is that they are microwave safe also. You wont change dishes to reheat the food. Just take out the food & directly place them in microwave to reheat. I would also suggest to put a little label on your Storage Containers and write the date of preparation. It will be easier to keep a track of how old is food now which prevents food wastage.

Third Shelf is used for miscellaneous items. If you stay in humid climate, you have to keep lots of items in the fridge as it gets spoiled outside like Chickpea, Refined Flour, Wheat. Keep most frequently used items like ginger, Curry Leaves, Chillis and peeled garlic in a separate basket. These peeled veggies are to be stored in Ziploc bags after proper cleaning & drying. Organizing your Fridge can make cooking easier and faster. I just grab the complete box while cooking and take out what I need and use them straight in my food preparation. I don’t need to waste time washing, peeling again and again. I use Sliding Drawers to keep lemons to utilize free vertical space efficiently. It gives easy access to everyday cooking things. It can be used for keeping small things like lemons, eggs, leafy veggies, fruits, candies, leftover food. It can also be used as food container, drinks, egg holder, ideally sized to fit all types of fridge and freezer kitchen appliances. These Drawers are featured with strong handle for firm grip and long, thick and strong clamp that is suitable for fridge shelves, table, etc. The five holes at the bottom of the tray helps the aid to pass through keeping the food fresh.

Third Shelf, I use two separate big baskets to keep Fruits & Dry fruits, Nuts. I keep Fruits washed, dried & in ready to consume state.

In the Crisper Box, I keep all the vegetables segregated in Ziploc Bags. Keeping them in Ziploc Bags helps to maintain their nutrition and shelf life. Keep Crisper Box in high humidity which keeps lasts longer.

In the Chiller Drawer, Keep Cheese, Butter. I would strongly advise you to write the date of your Homemade dressings and breads. Also mention the opening date on the box of packed item like butter. It helps to track all the expires.

Now, Coming to the Freezer, Freezer door is used to store all the spices which I don’t used often. I use a Storage basket to keep all the frozen veggies and snacks. Once, You open the packed food, Shift it to Ziploc bag to prevent from spilling. As they are safely locked, they can be rolled and piled up in the basket. Keep Ice creams, Non Veg food along with Ice cubes trays.

Tip: Use Baskets and label it properly to keep them organized.

Now, Fridge Door, As I don’t keep eggs & butter here, I have plenty of space to keep condiments like mayoneese, olives, tomato sauce etc. and beverages. I keep those items which keep refrigeration after opening. At the bottom, One can keep water bottles and Juices.

Tip: Don’t stuff your fridge with Soda water bottles & big water bottles. Just keep 2-3 bottles and keep refilling them.

Tip: If your Fridge has some foul smell, Put a jar of Baking Soda in the Fridge. It will remove all the bad smell.

Additional Organizer:

Adjustable Refrigerator Pull Out Bin adds an extra space to the Refrigerator. It maximizes the vertical space to the Refrigerator. It is a helpful organizer for small Refrigerators. Hooks can be adjusted according to the deepness of the Shelf. You just need to attach with Fridge shelf and there you go. Rails can be extended according to your need.