Here, I would like to share some tips on Shoe Rack Maximization and also some buying tips. Having different foot wears for Office, Home, Sports or any function is a necessity these days. Combining all the foot wears for each family member and there may be a lot of shoes in the house, and this might need lots of storage space. So, Let’s learn how to maximize space to accommodate them. Keeping them organized and dust free is also a challenge especially you are living in a small rented apartment, Hostel, PG with the scope of increasing the storage space is minimum.

Shoe Rack Buying Tips:

  • Better to choose a shoe rack which has doors rather than open one, If you want a neat look in your homes.
  • Open shoe rack gives a cluttered look and you may not be able to make your entryway beautiful.
  • Try to choose a well ventilated shoe rack otherwise bad odour can come from shoe rack whenever you open it.
  • Always choose a vertical shoe rack. It helps to save floor space and more shoes can be accommodated in it.

I have a Shoe Cabinet at the entrance which is 3 feet tall. My Shoe Cabinet has 4 shelves and 2 drawers. The Drawers are used to keep Shoe care essentials and cabinets are used to keep footwears.

In 1st Drawer, I keep a small basket to keep shoe bags for travel,(handy while packing shoes for travel), Shoe midst, Extra Heel protector, extra in-souls, hammer for quick repair, All Fix glue or Mod podge. All these are very helpful for minor repairs which can be done at home.

In 2nd Drawer, All the shoe care items are kept like Brushes, Different types of Shoe Polishes, Leather care cream, Scrubber made up of suede fabric to clean dust from the shoes

Now, Coming to wards the shelves.

It can accommodate 15-16 pairs. Now, Here comes the challenge. How can I maximize the storage and accommodate more shoes in the same cabinet? To accommodate more shoes, I have to make some modifications:

The 1st shelf which has maximum height- One can use Stackable shoe stand where one can keep one pair on each stand. It saves lot of vertical space and looks good. You can easily put Ladies & Kids foot wears.

Drawback: You can’t keep Men’s shoes as height is limited to 2-3 inches of heels.

Tip: Before buying this Organizer, Please check the height of the shelf as well.

In the 2nd Shelf, I have used a DIY idea to accommodate more shoes. I have placed a normal Cardboard shoe boxes here . I removed the front part and lid from the box. So, It has become front open box. You may decorate them by painting if you wish to for the neat look. Now, Place the boxes in the shelf. You can easily place 2 flats inside the box and one the top. The idea is to keep the shoes easily accessible.

Another idea is to place the shoes in the shoe bag and place them on the top of each other. These can be done for those shoes which you wear occasionally because shoes can’t be seen from outside since it is kept inside the bag. This will save vertical space and will also protect from dust and humidity.

In the 3rd Shelf, They are lower in height. So, There is no extra vertical space. Here, One can store Men’s and Kids shoes.

Tip: If you have small kids, You may keep their shoes sideways instead of keeping them straight. As these shoes are smaller in size, Two pairs can easily be stored sideways in this much space. In this way, After keeping 4 pair of kids shoes, There will be still space left to store one more pair of shoes.

On the top of the Cabinet, I keep a Basket & a Caddy (used to store shopping & grocery bills, notepad & pen for quick access). In the basket, I keep Kids slippers & shoes in it. This is a good idea to store baby or toddler shoes and space can be saved in the Shoe Rack. You can also place a tall basket beside the shoe cabinet to store slippers for your family. By doing this, All the slippers will stay organized.

One can keep Socks inside the shoe rack itself. I use a handled basket to organize socks of my family.

I have placed a command hook on the door to hang a mesh bag so that all dirty socks can go directly to this bag and after that i can throw that bag to the washing machine. It will help you from loosing socks here and there. One can Refer to My Great Organizing Ideas with Command Hooks.


Alternative 1:

If you don’t have a shoe rack or still need extra space. You can keep Over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer. It has big pockets which can easily hold one pair of shoes in each pocket. It is steady and can be easily placed behind any door. You have to choose the door wisely as it may obstruct the door to open fully.

Alternative 2:

Another way is to get a plastic container with lid or trunk and store your shoes wrapped in these shoe bags. You may use see through plastic bags or any cotton bags. If you use shoe bags, then put the label on the bags describing the shoe colour and type or you can simply click the picture of the shoe and paste on the top. This idea will save your time and no need to juggle around to find the correct shoes which may lead to messing up the whole storage container.

Tip: Don’t forget to keep some Silica gel sachets to protect shoes from fungus and humidity. This container can be easily placed under the bed or corner of room.


  • Keep a box of Absorbia in your shoe rack which will help preventing shoes getting fungus especially in rainy season. It helps to absorb humidity inside.
  • If your shoes are smelling really bad, Put tea bags inside and leave them open for few hours. Tea Bags will absorb all the bad odour.
  • You may also spread some baking soda outside the shoes and leave them outside under the sun.
  • To make a deodorizer for Shoe cabinet, You can take Salt & Pepper container which has holes on lid. Pour some baking soda & few drops of essential oil in it and place the container on corner of the shelf.
  • You may also keep Bathroom Freshners in the Shoe Cabinet to avoid bad odour.
  • You may keep some Naphthalene balls(Keep it out of reach of kids) to avoid bad smell.

By using these organizers, Now I can store 25 pairs of shoes in my Shoe Cabinet!