How to organize a dressing cabinet when you don't have one

Dressing Table is something that greets you every morning.
It’s always a struggle for those people who do not have well established dressing table. They face lots of difficulties while getting ready for their work. They keep their cosmetics and grooming essentials here and there.

Imagine You are in hurry for office or any outing. You go to the Dressing Table to get ready and all you are not able to find your comb. Your unorganized Dressing Table makes you more late for Office.
Almost everyone Housewives, Working women, College going girls must be going to the dressing table every morning to dress up.
Here, I am going to organize my Small Dressing table with only two drawers.
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Organized Dressing Table

Since, I have only 2 drawers. I keep all the make up items in the first drawer and all the Hair Styling Machines in the another drawer. I have placed Anti Slip Drawer Liners which prevents items from moving from its place and keep the drawer clean as well.

Drawers with Acrylic Organizers

I have organized my main drawers which different Acrylic trays and organizers. I found it perfect for my deep drawers. They have different compartments which helps to keep cosmetics segregated.

Acrylic remote control organizer

I have used a Acrylic Remote Control Organizer to store makeup pallets and some of my daily wear lipsticks.
I have used Lipstick Organizers to keep different shades of lipsticks and some miscellaneous items like Eyeliner, Lip pencil, Kajal, Nail Filer, Buffer etc. One can arrange lipsticks as per shades or texture like mat to glossy or bright to light. These Organizers keep vertically segregated.
I keep all the combs and hair brushes in a Vertical Shaped Acrylic Tray which helps to keep them at one place.

Alternative 1:

Revolving make up organizer to organize cosmetics

One can also use Revolving makeup organizer to utilize vertical space. In the bottom section, One can keep perfumes, Body Lotions etc. Top section can be used for keeping frequently used items like hair clips, daily wearing items etc. I don’t use this organizer because I find it a bit fragile.

Alternative 2:

Plastic Drawer organizer with compartments to store cosmetics

If you don’t have deep drawers, then you can use Plastic Drawer Organizers to keep cosmetics segregated. These organizers are cost effective too.

Alternative 3:

Wooden Organizer to store cosmetics and toiletries

This is a wooden organizer which can be kept on the top of the Dressing Table. It looks elegant and holds all your daily essentials nicely.

Alternative 4:

A storage basket to store grooming essentials or cosmetics

If you don’t have much space left. Use the table space to keep rest of the things. I have placed a DIY basket(Used a simple Basket which was fit for the area and wrapped with a decorative paper. You may use any spare cardboard box also rather than Basket. In this, I keep daily essentials. This Box keeps the place neatly arranged which prevents messiness and easy to wipe the surface without removing all the items.

How to Store Junk Jewelry?

Store your earrings and small jewelry in this beautiful Section Box in which its easy to pick up whenever you need it. I really love when things are neatly organized and can be searched without forgetting anything.


This is a another Wooden Functional Organizer to maximize your space. Section can hold all your watches, earrings, bracelets etc.

I have stored my Bangles in this Bangle Box. This Box is very convenient to take out and keep the bangles back.

I have kept all my Hair Styling Machines like Blow Dryer, Straightener & Curling Rod in the second drawer. Space left out is used to keep Vanity Pouches where I keep extra Make Up which I use occasionally.

Tip: Do not keep your Hair Styling Machines without tying their wire. They can get tangled with each other and obviously look messy also. I keep them neatly by tying with Velcro Strips. You may use Cable Tying Clips also or normal elastic band. By keeping in this way, They can be easily seen without fiddling with wires.