We’re always looking for ways to make our lives a little easier every day. Sometimes though, we just deal with a challenge out of habit or because we don’t know there’s any other way.
Do you want to make your cooking quick, easy and stress free?
Earlier, I used to take so much of time in cooking and preparing meals. Meal Preparation was like getting engaged into Kitchen for hours. But, After using these tools, Cooking sounds to be quick and fun too. Like, There are so many tools available for Chopping, Blending, Straining. Here, I want to share some tools which can make your Food Preparation very easy. Helpful kitchen tools not only saves time but also make food preparation fun and stress free task.

1. Mannual Vegetable Chopper

This Vegetable Chopper is one of the best and essential tool of the Kitchen. It is my favourite item. This chopper is for chopping veggies. It comes with detachable chopping blade which makes the cleaning of the chopper smoothest task ever.

Just attach the blade and put some roughly cut veggies in it and in just few seconds, You will get finely chopped veggies. You can also chop 2-3 vegetables together to make Omelette, Uttapam, Chilla. This really saves great amount of time in the Kitchen.

2. Mannual Hand Blender

This super awesome Mannual Hand Blender is another Must Have’s for the Kitchen. It has a side mechanism which needs to be pressed in order to run the whisker. It is really easy to operate and really helpful to blend and whisk item in seconds. It’s also very easy to clean. One can prepare Eggs, Lassi, Milk Shake in few seconds.

3. Vegetable & Fruit Cutter

This is a different type of Vegetable Cutter. This is a Scissor shape cutter which has a sharp blade in the front which can be locked from the back. It can cut salads, hard vegetables like carrots, Potatoes, Betroot etc very fast. It is very easy on hands and does’nt let you put any pressure while cutting veggies which makes the best cutter to chop hard veggies effortlessly.

4. Silicon Brush

This Silicon Brush is very useful while cooking. Use a good quality and strong brush made up of full silicon unlike other brushes which are made up of plastic which can get damaged due to high heat. Although these are called Baking Brushes and are usually used to apply oil on Baking Items. But this is very helpful in the Kitchen to prepare items in less oil like to grease pan for omelette, Chilla or to apply ghee on dosa and chapattis.

5. Egg Boiler

Electric Egg Boiler which boils the egg in few minutes. It has a auto shut feature so that you don’t have to monitor it when the eggs are boiled. It will shut up automatically when the eggs are boiled. It is best choice for working mom, Bachelors or Students staying in the Hostel. It has a iron plate where you need to add water then place the tray above it. Eggs are need to be placed in the sections. After placing the eggs, Cover the Boiler and switch on power button. In few minutes, Hot & tasty boiled eggs are ready.

6. Pepper Grinder

Pepper Grinder is a good quality wooden Pepper Grinder which is very helpful. Just open the screw from the top and remove the lid. In that, Put whole black peppers in it and place back the lid and tighten the screw and start rotating this grinder. Pepper will be freshly grinded and that too instantly. This fresh pepper can be used for seasoning salads, Omlettes, Boiled Eggs, Rasam, Pastas etc

7. Silicon Tray

This Silicon Tray’s bottom section can be pressed by a finger. So, whenever you need a ice cube, You just press the individual section from the bottom and ice cube will come out easily. It will be a smooth task.

8. Wooden Spatula Set

Wooden Spatula Set is also a Must Have item for all the Kitchen. This set comes with 5 different types of wooden spoons and spatulas which is very helpful and important while frying or cooking in non stick pan. They prevent utensils from getting scratched and damaged.

9. Portable Blender

This Portable Blender has a battery operator. At the back, You need to place a Battery. On the top, It has a button. When we press the button, The whisker will start running. One can make instant hot & cold coffee or milk shakes anywhere with the help of this Portable Blender which is a worth buying product.

10. Electric Beater

The Electric Beater is used to whisk any batter quickly. It helps to make fluffy cakes and creamy ice creams. It helps to make any batter smoother. Comes with a light weight design and cone shaped.

11. Air Cooler

Portable Air Cooler which is not a cooking tool but a very helpful product for the Kitchen especially in Summers to keep you cool while cooking. It runs on power and battery board which makes it convenient for travel also. It has a section where we can put some ice & water and you will get nice cool air from here. As it also runs on battery, It is very helpful for people who live in remote areas and where is lot of power cut. So, definitely a good buy.