Vegetables are most important part of our daily meals. We get most of our nutrients and energy from vegetables & fruits. So, Here are few tips to clean and store your veggies which can make your cooking stress free.

STEP 1: Washing

Give Vegetable white vinegar bath or a simply normal tap water bath. Water bathing in container helps to save lots of water during direct running water wash. It definitely helps in reducing the time under running water. For Vinegar water solution, Take a big pan or vessel and fill 3 parts with water. Now, add one part of white vinegar. Vinegar has awesome cleaning properties and it kills 99.9% of germs.

For, chillies– Dip Chillies into water & white vinegar mix solution for 10 minutes. Remove chillies from water and give a wash under running water. Drain the water completely.

You can use the same vinegar solution to clean other veggies also.

For, Curry leaves– Remove all the leaves from the stems and dip them in water and vinegar mix solution for 10 minutes. Rub them gently to remove all the impurities. Wash them under running water with the help of strainer.

Coriander-Cut the roots of Coriander and dip it into this solution and leave for 10-15 minutes. Wash again under running water and drain water completely.

Ginger– Dip Ginger in water(normal water can also be used). Ginger grows underground and that’s why its generally soiled. Rub it hard to remove all the dirt or use a soft toothbrush to clean the inner folds. Wash again under running water and drain water completely

STEP 2: Drying

After washing all these veggies, leave them for drying. In order to dry them fast, Place these veggies on Kitchen Towel and use another towel to gently press them from top.

It will soak all the excess water and drying will be faster.

STEP 3: Storing

Once dried, take out the stems of chilies, Store them in Ziploc Bags. Same way, after drying, Store the curry leaves & ginger in Ziploc bags. Remove all the air from inside which is an important step for the vegetables to last longer. For Coriander, when completely dried, roll it in a paper towel and then store it in a Ziploc Bags. Paper towel will absorb all the moisture and keep the Coriander for longer duration. Peel the garlic cloves and keep in a Ziploc bag for quick food preparation.

Another way to store Garlic– To peel garlic fast, Put the garlic in the box and tight the lid. I use a steel storage box here. Now, shake the box hard for a minute. Once you open the lid, you can see whether garlic has skin off or skin has loosened out. Peeling them will be much easier now.

STEP 4: Easy access and Usage

Once all these veggies are dried, washed, stored in Ziploc bags. Place them together in a box or basket and put it in the fridge. Now all these veggies are ready to use. Just take out the box from the fridge and put it on the kitchen counter while cooking. No need to wash and chop these veggies again and again. Proper cleaning of veggies can last your vegetables more than two weeks. When you see the veggies after 1 week, Veggies will be as it is but there would be some moisture on the Ziploc bags. One can keep all the vegetables for air dry and dry the Ziploc bag with the towel and keep the vegetables again in the same bag. One can soak few paper towels inside to soak excess moisture. You can change paper towel of coriander after a week and put it back in the Ziploc bag.

These are proper cleaning & storing of daily needed veggies. For Storing other vegetables like Cauliflower, Cabbage, Brinjal etc, Refer to Storing & Cleaning of Vegetables.