Clever ways to organize very samll items

When I used to roam around my home, I always noticed very small small things littering here and there. Picking them up and arranging them again and again. That’s too annoying!! No one like to do the same work daily putting up things each time. Are you also facing the same problem like me?

I was really pissed off of these small items like paper pins, batteries, hair bands etc scattered here and there all around your house. The main problem what I was facing was those things which were needed at a certain point of time was not found at that particular time. Nothing is more frustrating than that. Its time to pile up those and get rid of daily problems. So, not to worry much about those tiny things because I have come up with great ideas for all of us!!

Sharing amazing ideas with you people:

1. Add a Magnetic Strip to your walls

Store small things
magnetic strip

Grab a Magnetic Knife Strip and install it to the empty wall or space or inside the drawer. You can stick all the small items to the magnetic strip.

2. Storing Beads & Ribbons

Ribbon storage
Beads storage

Such small things which are misplaced easily. I have kept these things in this way. I have used Ice cream box to store my ribbons and used a sweet box as a storage box to store beads and other small things.

3. Storage for Stationery/Office Supplies

Stationery storage
My Office supplies organisation

Its a simple organization hack to upgrade your home office situation. Use a clear plastic storage box to organize your stationery and office supplies. These plastic organizers can also be used for storing makeup products. Since, I have Drawer dividers with my study stable. So, I store in this way.

4. Plastic Storage Container as a Jewelry Case

Earing storage
Store earings in ice tray

Instead of spending lots of money on expensive jewellery boxes or fancy display trays, use Plastic storage container to organize all accessories as I have done. This has adjustable sections that can be adjusted according to the size of your jewelry. These containers can also be used to store beads and craft supplies. You can also store in a Ice cube tray.

5. Organize Cosmetics and Brushes

Organise cosmetic and brushes

Manage your Cosmetics and Make Up Brushes in this beautiful Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer. You can keep your nail paints, lipsticks, Makeup Brushes beautifully on your dressing table. This is how I kept my daily use cosmetics.

6. Hanging Your Scarves

Scarf Organiser

I hang my scarves in a Scarf Hanger like this. Since I have a hook made by the designer. You can put a command hook to hang this Scarf Hanger.

7. Add a Display Stand to your Table top

Display table top

If you are a person who always keep looking for your glasses. Instead of leaving them here and there in the house, Just make an elegant display tray. It will add a spice to your table top. A Tree Stand is the perfect addition to your table top. I love the simplicity and elegance of the table.

8. Mason Jar Containers

mason jar as spoon stand
mason jar as toothbrush stand

There are tons of things you can do with mason jars. You can decorate mason jar with pretty ribbon using it to store smaller items at home. For example, You can keep your toothbrushes, paste etc in mason jars on the sink.

9. Use a Mint Container as a Bobby Pin Case

Hair Pin Storage

We all have a problem that we buy unlimited number of bobby pins and at the end we don’t find anyone of them. The next time you purchase mints, don’t throw it rather than store them. This box is one of my favourite.

10.Use a artificial pleated hair to hold your Hair clutcher

hair clutcher storage

This creative organization hack is easiest. Instead of leaving your hair clutcher here and there all over the place. You can get a artificial pleated hair and hang there.

11. Manage your Key Rings

Key ring holder

I have hanged my key rings in this ethnic Key Ring Holder which is from a local shop. You can also use a beautiful Key ring holder to keep your key rings.

12. Display accessories on a velvet tray

Velvet tray to display jewelery
velvet tray drawer to store jewelry

This is one of the best ways to display all smaller pieces of jewelry. Display Accessories tray are great organizer to display all of them and are used at right time. You don’t need to look at other places while getting ready.

13. Manage you Kitchen utensils

Managing kitchen utensils

I have hanged my kitchen utensils in this way with the help of S-shaped hooks.

14. Acrylic drawers

Just use it as a storage box with tiny compartments to organize all smaller items at home. Acrylic compartment storage box with drawers is perfect addition to your table top!

15. Store craft papers vertically

Use magazine rack to store craft paper upright. Store upright in a small basket. I have stores my craft papers in DIY Bucket. This Bucket is a Paint bucket which I am using to store craft papers.

16. Magazine Holder

You can keep your Hair Comb, Dryer, Hair Brushes, Curling Iron, Straightener at one place in a Document Organizer.

17. Section Box

Section box to store craft supplies

Use a Section box to store Paper pins, rubbers, board pins etc. Your pins won’t be misplaced.