How to organize Utilty Area

Imagine you need to do the dusting of your House, and you are not able to find the cleaning cloth. You go to the utility area to search. You didn’t find it because you have never segregated a separate area for your cleaning supplies and tools. You never have a habit to keep those items at a proper place.
Organizing your cleaning supplies is very important so that you can find each item easily whenever you need it. Utility Area should always be functional.
Utility Area is a place which is used for Laundry, Ironing Board, Cleaning Tools and washing utensils. It is mostly at the back of the Bathroom or Kitchen. That doesn’t mean to keep it cluttered always or use as a dumping zone. I always wanted an organized and Functional Utility Area. Here are some Tips as well as Organizers which will surely help to design or renovate your Utility area.
Refer Area Under the Sink Organization for those who do not have separate Utility area, and keep their cleaning essentials in Under the Sink Cabinet.

Laundry Area

Laundry washing area in my Organized Utility area

I have placed my Front Load Washing Machine in a cabinet to keep it protected from dust. Also, This area looks neat and concealed.
Near to this Cabinet, I have a Pull Out Cabinet where I have kept a vertical shaped Basket to store dirty clothes for Laundry.

Dish Washing Area

Dish washing area in my organized utility area

At the Corner, I have a sink for washing dishes. I have kept a Sink Corner Tray (Sink Accessory Set can also be used) to store Dish liquid & Hand wash. Next to the sink, I keep a steel Dish Washing Rack to store washed dishes.
Tip: Please place a mat under the Rack to protect from water dripping from the wet dishes.

Sink area in my organized utility area

The Cabinet under the sink is used to keep Dish Washing liquid and Floor Cleaner. The door space is utilized to store wet waste from dishes which is very convenient to use while washing utensils. Its hung with the help of Bin Holder.
Another cabinet is to place Gas Cylinders. I have used movable Cylinder stand for easy access.

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning tools organization in utility area

At the corner, I have placed wall mounted clothes hanging hook to hang all the cleaning tools like Brushes, Mops, Wipers and Plastic Broom. This way they look organized and presentable. Also accessing them is very easy when needed. One can also use Broom Gripper which can easily hold regular broom.

Counter Top

Utility area Decoration

I have kept two separate baskets at the corner for Dirty clothes and Kitchen Towels. I have kept beautiful money plant beside to decorate the place. I have also used a DIY Board for name plate. Just took an old chopping board and painted it.


There are few cabinets in the utility area which is used to store many kinds of miscellaneous items. They are:

Cleaning supplies organization in utility area

CABINET 1 is used to store all Cleaning Supplies like Garbage Bags, Cleaning Wipes, Sponges, Scrubs to wash utensils in separate baskets properly labelled. I also keep daily newspapers in a separate basket and a Vaccum cleaner.

CABINET 2 is used to keep all the festive decoration items. This way they stay dust free and can be easily accessed whenever needed. One basket is kept for keeping Random miscellaneous stuffs like Cloth clips, command Hooks, Extra Measuring Tape etc. If you keep these things properly, you can keep this for years and save money from buying.

Gardening kit and miscellaneous items in utility area

CABINET 3 is used to keep Spray Paints & Gardening Tool Kit. This Kit is very convenient If I have to carry tools to my Balcony for Gardening. I have also kept a Tool Kit where I have kept all the Screw Drivers etc. You can also use Over the Cabinet Hanger to store other accessories to utilize the vertical space.

CABINET 4 is used to keep some empty cartoons which we get from online shopping. Other disposable items like plate, glasses and packing boxes etc are kept. I also keep some of my extra Organizers which are not in use currently. All the cleaning cloth, Laundry bags for delicate clothes, Micro fiber cloth, Micro fiber duster, extra Shelf Liners, extra pack of Kitchen Towels are kept. On the door, I have hanged cleaning gloves with the help of command hook.

CABINET 5 is used to place water Purifier.

Poly bag Dispenser in utility area

Next to it, There is a Poly Bag Organizer which is a very good way to store small small bags which are hard to organize.