Working desk Organization and office supplies organization

As you wake up in the morning, Would you love to see your working desk neat and clean? Imagine, all your papers and stationery are kept at proper places where they are needed to be!! Isn’t it a dream for some of Us?

Suppose, you wake up in the morning and you have to work for longtime sitting on the table and you find it is badly cluttered? Your mind would say Oh No! at the start of the day. The positivity of working is gone then and there.

I faced a lot of difficulties with my things getting scattered here and there. I felt so irritated when I couldn’t find a pen or a paper pin whenever it is required. I thought to assemble my study table and believe me, Now It looks great!!

My Well Organised Decorated Desk

I would like to share tips about what I did and what you guys can do:-

To arrange your Table Top first, Firstly empty the table fully and analyse it. And, you can assemble them with these wonderful organizers,some of them are used by me also:

Desk Organizer to hold papers

1. File Tray with 3 Compartments– You can use a File tray with compartments at the table corner for keeping your papers which are mostly required on the table while working. With this, Your Papers, Diaries and notebooks gets organised by keeping them in different trays.

Desk Organizer to hold papers

2. Magazine Holder– Another alternative is Magazine Holder to keep your papers, notebooks and diaries.

Pen Holder beautifully paired with dustbin
DIY Pen Holder

3. Pen Holder or DIY Pen Holder– This can be used to keep pens, pencils, markers, glue and scissors which are required instantly. You can also use a Coffee Mug or Mason Jar as well as a pen holder. I got this black Pen holder from a local shop which is beautifully paired as a dustbin which is kept under the table.

4. Cable Manager Box– If you are fighting madly with your wires then, tie them with velcro ties and keep it at the back of the laptop like I have done as shown in the picture or you can also opt for a Cable Manager box for keeping the wires intact which will give a complete neat look to your table.

5. Pinboard or DIY Pinboard -It is the most important essential to note down whatsoever comes to your mind. This is the study table of my another room where I have a bookshelf attached. This pinboard is used to note down your goals. It will keep you motivated towards your work. It helps to make important schedule, Calendar, Time table, vision board etc

White board

6. White Board– It helps to jot down my thoughts quickly while planning. I also plan expenses and payments here so I don’t forget anything. Since, It comes with a marker and duster, It can be easily erased.

Neat and Clean Study table

You can also decorate the Desk area with some plants, books or decorative show pieces if you have extra shelf.

Study table with stationery

I am madly in love with this Ventilated Laptop Stand which I bought recently. It is super comfortable for those who work for hours. Height can be adjusted from 12 to 35 degrees and so convenient while reading and typing. Since, Its ventilated, airflow is easier and there is no heating issues.

Since, My Study table do not have drawers as its being designed with a modern touch. I use the drawers which are beside the table.

Now, To arrange the Stationery drawers, I would love to share some amazing tips and organizers. You would love to see that so much of things can be accumulated so easily.

Drawer liners for drawers

1. Non Slip Drawer Liners– I have placed these liners in all of my drawers. It helps to keep them clean and items kept does not move while opening the drawer.

Stationery tray to divide the drawers

2. Stationery Tray– This tray is used to keep very small items segregated such as binder clips, wire clips, paper puncher, adhesive tapes, Self adhesive cable clip, markers, sticky notes, calculator, earphones, SD card, highlighter, batteries etc. Arrange items according to your preference and needs so you don’t need to rush here and there.

DIY Idea to divide the drawes

3. DIY Boxes– Those who can’t get dividers or trays, they can just use DIY Boxes using your mobile phone boxes and segregate the items. These boxes can be decorated according to your choice. These Boxes looks great!

My Organised Stationery drawer

Since, I had recently furnished my room and my furniture design was selected according to my preferences. I had in built drawer dividers which helps in easy storing the stuffs rather than keeping the trays and boxes. In this, I have used Mobile phone boxes too to keep the pens and pencils etc.

Section box to store very small items

4. Section box– Very small items lie here and there and are misplaced easily. Use a section box like this to segregate very smaller items like velcro ties, elastic bands, cable ties, paper pin, board pins etc.

Cable Manager Pouch to store wires and electronics

6. Cable Organizing Pouch– I keep my extra earphones, some other cables, card reader, pen drives, SD cards, power bank in this pouch. It helps to keep these items at one place and can be easily found whenever required. etc.

Tip 1: Always keep a cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth in one of the drawer to quickly wipe off and clean the table.

Tip 2: Always keep a dustbin under the table so that you don’t have to get up.

Tip 3: Always use a comfortable chair if you sit for long.

Option 1-

Desk Organiser
Compartmental drawers

Those who do not have drawers with their study table must be facing difficulties to store so many items can use Multifunctional Desk Organizer. Small Desk Organizer with compartments to keep smaller items and stationery.

Option 2-

Bed Table/ Multipurpose table

Those who are huge lover of Working Desk and stay in small rented apartments and wanted to use them, can go for Multipurpose table/ Bed table/ Working Table.

My Motive is to get easy access to all the things which are required at a particular time. None of your precious time while working gets wasted in doing same organizing and cleaning daily before staring your work rather than better working.